ABOUT "Night of Terror"
One of New Jersey's Premier Haunted Attractions, Night of Terror creates an unforgettable experience including new in 2013 Zombie Mayhem and Cornfield Maze!! Your DO NOT want to miss our Ride of Terror....Do NOT come alone!
448 Lincoln Mill Rd, Mullica Hill, New Jersey, 08062

Pumpkin Patch

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Cornfield Maze: Can you find your escape or will you be lost to the corn and creatures that are contained in this dreaded cornfield maze. Tucked away in South Jersey this labyrinth of stalks will have you screaming for the exit, but can you find your escape. Or will the chainsaw wielding scarecrows claim yet another victim. Beware on your path through the largest actual cornfield maze you may ever encounter. In 2012 we have allowed more specters to call this place home. So don’t lose your way or you may lose your mind. Or worse, your life in our cornfield maze. Ride of Terror: The zombie apocalypse has broken out here in 2012. Are you prepared to survive the Zombie Invasion? Be ready to stare death in the face as you ride the area’s largest and scariest hayride, constructed on 100+ acres on a truly haunted farm in Mullica Hill, NJ. We have added more of the living dead to our staff and more chainsaws than ever that will have you scurrying for a place to hide. As featured on HGTV, this haunted attraction will have you and the family entertained from the shocking beginning till the horrifying end. But be warned, not even the bathroom is safe from our creatures this year.

We feature 6 Attractions for one low price. Get lost in our Dreaded Cornfield Maze - You actually can get lost! Where things aren't what they appear enter the 3-d Fun House if you dare. Every turn is something different full of thrills and chills take a ride on our hayride - Ride of Terror. Whats lurking in the shadows? You'll never know in the Mayhem of Darkness' complete darkness. You never known whats around the corner in a giant mountain known as Frozen Tundra. We have a brand new house for 2012 - that no ones going to want to miss. 13 reasons to visit Night Of Terror 1. Consistently ranked among the best haunted attractions in America 2. Six enormous attractions in one location for one low price 3. Award-winning team of expert designers, artists, build - Select nights in October

6pm - 9 pm on nights open Mon-Thurs and 6pm - 10pm Friday and Saturdays

$30 except 10/13, 10/20, 10/27

All Ages

Night of Terror 448 Lincoln Mill Road Mullica Hill NJ 08062 Please visit our website for help with directions. http://www.nightofterror.com/home


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448 Lincoln Mill Rd, Mullica Hill, New Jersey, 08062
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