ABOUT "McCauley's Haunted Woods"
10 Acres of woods with over 1/2 a mile of trails, dead ends, wrong turns. Where better to get your scare on than in the deep dark woods. We also have a scary movie playing each night and a concession stand. Test you high notes and you bladder control at McCauley's Haunted Woods. Visit our website for more information and to purchase your toe tags.
1017 E. North st., Nixa, Missouri, 65714

Pumpkin Patch

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Free scary movie playing each night. bring a blanket or your own lawn chairs to set and watch after going the the Haunted Woods. The McCauley's have lived on this farm since 1890. Every fall, during the harvest, strange noises are heard from the nearby woods. Legend has it that old man John McCauley forbade his wife, Thelma and their 6 children (Billy, Bobby, Jimmy, Jane, Mary and Meredith) to enter the woods. Old man McCauley knew that those who entered the woods would never be seen again. In fact, as a young boy, John and his younger brother, Jacob, were helping their dad herd cattle when a calf got spooked and ran into the woods. Young Jacob chased after the calf and quickly vanished into the woods before anyone even knew he was missing. Within seconds of Jacob disappearing into the woods, John (a young boy himself) and their father, Jeb (known as Paw by family) heard Jacob let out a blood curdling scream. The calf bawled louder and unlike any other calf they had ever heard and then there was complete silence. The parents, Paw and Maw, were incredibly distraught over the loss of their beloved (and favorite) son Jacob. Their lives were forever changed. Maw sank into a deep depression and was said to have gone crazy before dying of a broken heart. She claimed that she could hear Jacob playing, laughing and calling to her from the woods. She begged Paw to take her into the woods to her precious son. Paw declined fearing she'd be taken from him also. When Maw died, Paw buried her in a little cemetery he had made just outside of the woods. It wasn't long after Maw died that Paw also died. His final request was that he also be buried in that same cemetery as well as his future descendants. Over 100 years have passed since the disappearance of Jacob and every fall, the strange noises return from somewhere in the woods. In all these years, no one has dared to step foot into the woods...WILL YOU? - Every Friday and Saturday in October plus the 31st as well as November 1-2

7:00 Pm til 11:00 Pm


All Ages

McCauley's Haunted Woods is located in Nixa, Missouri. Just a swift broom ride from Branson, Springfield, Clever, Republic, Rogersville & Ozark, MO. Our GPS Coordinates are: Lat. 37.048018763614294 Long. -93.27085733413696 We are directly across the street from 1017 E. North St., Nixa MO 65714 From west Springfield, MO: Head south on Campbell, continue past the Nixa Walmart, turn left/east on Northview Rd. (Mr. Mart gas station is on left), turn right/south on Main St. at the stop sign, turn left/east on North St. (Nixa Jr. High school is on the left), go approximately 2 miles to the entrance on the right side of the road. From east Springfield, MO: Head south on hwy. 65, take CC exit (Fremont HIlls) and turn right/west. Go approximately 3 miles to N. Cheyenne Rd., turn left/south on N. Cheyenne Rd., turn right/west on North St. (at 4 way stop sign). Entrance is 1/4 mile on left side of the road. From Branson, MO: Head north on hwy. 65, take hwy. 14 exit and turn left/west. Go approximately 4 miles to N. Cheyenne Rd., turn right/north, turn left/west on North St. (at 4 way stop sign). Entrance is 1/4 mile on left side of the road. From Clever, MO: Head east on hwy. 14, cross over Campbell (hwy. 160), turn left/north on Main St. Go to the next stop and turn right/east on North St. (Nixa Jr. High school is on NE corner), go approximately 2 miles to the entrance on the right side of the road.


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1017 E. North st., Nixa, Missouri, 65714
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