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Florida Haunted House in Winter Haven near Orlando Tampa The Shallow Grave
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Top 10 Best and Scariest Haunted Houses Actors
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Best of Everything Halloween Horror and Haunted Houses 2016
homepage article Hauntworld rates the best Horror Attractions in 2016 from the best movies, haunted houses, Halloween, to even Escape Rooms. Which attractions should you be visiting Halloween 2016?  We have the list right here from
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Hauntings of Quebec

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
Located in Quebec City, Quebec, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity first opened in August of 1804 after King George III funded the construction.  Subsequently, the cathedral is the oldest Anglican cathedral in Quebec City and is believed to be haunted.  In fact, over the years there have been numerous reports of the organ playing on its own accord even though there was no one around it at the time.  Some believe during the construction of the cathedral, a woman was buried in the foundation and she now haunts the cathedral, appearing often during Sunday mass.

L’Espirit NightClub
Located in the bustling city of Montreal, L’Espirit Nightclub has allegedly been haunted for years.  Several patrons have reported seeing a large, eerie ball of light that seems to appear out of nowhere – some even claim the dim ball of light passed directly through them and continued on down the hall until it disappeared.  Other witnesses have reported seeing the apparition of a young woman who has a long scar down her torso, much like the scar that would appear after an autopsy was performed.  The most common occurrence seems to be the sinister sensation that creeps over many club-goers; they claim they never saw anything but the unmistakable, creepy feeling was enough to keep them from going back.

Ghost Tours of Quebec
The Ghost Tours of Quebec is hands-down one of the most popular attractions in all of Quebec – and with good reason!  You can visit some of Quebec’s most haunted and ghostly places.  Visitors are led on a lantern-lit tour and learn about more than 300 years of Quebec’s eerie history including unsolved murders, mysterious hauntings, bizarre tragedies, and morose executions.  Patrons can also visit some of Quebec City’s most haunted buildings and learn about some of Canada’s most notorious murder cases. 

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