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HISTORY OF MANIFESTATIONS: Sometimes it is hard for the departed to leave their beloved home or property, and they continue to visit or stay there, despite no longer having a living body in this world. They love to relive their memories, and continue on in what they loved to do. Oscar Bernheim (a registrar or treasurer of the college) built his home on the southwest corner of Muhlenberg College. One of his prized hobbies was working in his garden, that was his pride and joy. Not taking care of a property, ignoring stated wishes for the donated/sold building and its property, or tearing the building down completely can cause the people who once owned the structure to come back into this world to make their presence known to the living, and perhaps take matters into their own hands, getting chuckles at the living's expense; finding creative way to express their feelings. Probably in the early 2000s, not only was Bernheim house torn down to make room for the Trexler Pavilion Theater and Dance building, but Bernheim's beloved garden area was built upon as well, becoming the new home for 3 dorms, with South Hall probably built directly over the garden. In his will paperwork, he gave them specific instructions on how to take care of his garden, in detail. The entity of Oscar Bernheim During the time period when Oscar's house and garden were still in existence, his apparition was seen: Puttering around his beloved garden in the back of his house. Hanging around in the third floor bedroom where he died. Being busy in the attic and in the basement area. After his house and garden were destroyed, Oscar made himself known in South Hall, in a playful way, as he always liked students. Reports of activity have been reported in South Hall, especially in one suite. The TV of one student would turn itself off and on. Items would move themselves around the suite. Students were experiencing other paranormal activity, scaring them. Their reports to the administration were taken very seriously. PARANORMAL FINDINGS: Students have had encounters with this friendly presence. They have reported that in order not to not be teased by this entity, they presented healthy plants in their rooms, which seemed to give Oscar some peace. No official paranormal investigation reports have been published on line. STILL HAUNTED? Perhaps? - Though, the areas that experienced the entity of Oscar Bernheim, mainly South Hall, were blessed by the Lutheran clergy on campus, in 2002. Students still claim to have paranormal experiences, though no hard evidence has been captured.
2400 West Chew Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 18104
(484) 664-3100

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2400 West Chew Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 18104
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