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DESCRIPTION AND HISTORY: Abraham Curry is known as the father of Carson City, and was a mover and a shaker, with lots of drive and courage throughout his life. Abraham Curry was the driving force behind the founding and promotion of Carson City. In 1858, Curry and his associates, John J. Musser, Benjamin Green, and Frank Proctor, got the ball rolling by buying around 1,000 acres in Eagle Valley. The original plan was to buy land around Genoa, and start a mercantile business, but the land was too expensive, so they bought land in Eagle Valley instead. The town was then surveyed, platted, and mapped out. Curry wound up with all of the land when his partners sold their shares to him. Curry sold the lots to people wanting to build. He donated 10 acres in the center of town, to be a place for the State Capitol. Abraham Curry held many important jobs of responsibility in Carson City. He served as Warden of the Nevada State Territorial Prison, Superintendent of the Nevada Mint, established businesses, and was an important building contractor for Carson City's more prominent structures. Curry established a sandstone quarry on the edge of Eagle Valley, which would be located right next to the Territorial State Prison. The sandstone quarried by prisoners was used to build many of Carson City's early buildings. Curry built the stone hotel later used as the meeting place of the first Territorial Legislature. He also built the Nevada State Mint building. Abraham Curry designed and built a beautiful two story family home, made of lovely sandstone in 1871. It is described as being "vernacular," though elements of Georgian and Greek Revival are plain to see in the home as well. Other nice touches to the sandstone blocks, were produced by dressing the stones by using picks, plain chisels and tooth chisels, similar to what was accomplished with the State Capitol's construction. There were 5 fireplaces throughout the home. Unfortunately, Abraham Curry died suddenly in 1873, after only enjoying this new home with his family for 2 years. Changes to the structure were made throughout the years, as the home was renovated to suit the needs of the owners who lived here. In the original mansion, there was an octagonal cupola and a five-bay porch, which was enjoyed until 1930, when it was taken down, probably because it needed repair. Curry's daughter, Maryette, added another wing to the back of the home, who used her parent's home as a private school. Currently, The Abraham Curry House is home to Lawyer's Offices, and is in mint condition. Unfortunately, the home is not open to the public. HISTORY OF MANIFESTATIONS: The entity haunting the Abraham Curry House, has been identified as being the spirit of Abraham Curry himself. There are three theories as to why. He died at a time when he had a cash flow problem, leaving his wife and child little to live on. The popular story is that when Abraham Curry died, he left his wife, Mary, with only a silver dollar in his pocket, leaving her destitute. So, he has come back to look for her, to explain what happened, and to see if she is alright. To some, this seems a little odd. Abraham had his fingers in many pots, and had several sources of income, including a toll road. While he wasn't a gambler or excess spender, he perhaps had most of his money tied up in assets and in his businesses. However, if the wife was truly destitute, she would've had to sell their home. The home was eventually passed down to their daughter, who put the home to work as a school. He died after living in his dream home with his family for only two years, which must have been a huge disappointment. Of course, while his spirit was concerned about his wife, worried about how she was going to react to his sudden death, and perhaps her skinny bank account, he also loved his family, and had looked forward to living with his wife and daughter in their dream home for years. He still wants his life in this world, as a mover and shaker. His spirit also haunts the old Nevada State Mint building, a job he loved. When he died suddenly of a heart attack /stroke, interrupting his plans, Abraham was probably in the middle of several ventures and carrying out important responsibilities. He had a lot of work to do, enjoying every moment of it. He truly loved what he was doing and accomplishing. MANIFESTATIONS: His apparition is clear/solid enough to be identified as being the likeness of Abraham. The restless spirit of Abraham Curry has been seen moving throughout the home, looking for something or someone; his wife, Mary, the love of his life, and probably his daughter as well. STILL HAUNTED? It seems to be. He wasn't/isn't ready to go to the other side, still wanting to be a mover and shaker, family provider, and is still attached to his dream home in this world as well. The lawyer offices are only open during the day, so this spirit has his home all to himself during the evening hours. Lawyers are known for keeping their office buildings in old homes looking sharp and well taken care of, which must please the entity of Abraham Curry.
406 North Nevada Street, Carson City, Nevada, 89703

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406 North Nevada Street, Carson City, Nevada, 89703
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