ABOUT "County Line BBQ Restaurant "
DESCRIPTION/HISTORY: County Line BBQ Restaurant, the current business inhabiting the buildings, is a limited chain which was started in Austin, Texas, in 1975. Since then, they have expanded to New Mexico and Oklahoma City, as well as other parts of Texas. This County Line BBQ Restaurant is made up of two main buildings, which have been around for a very long time. One building sits near the street, and the two leveled building sits behind it. Buildings have a classic deco decorum and style . Structural highlights include curved glass brick, a curved ceiling & sweeping curved bar. Besides having great barbecue fare at the restaurant, there are 3 areas for parties/events/receptions. The Small Annex House, the upstairs banquet area and the Large Annex House. offer a variety of spaces for big and small special, memorable occasions. The attic area is used for storage. Originally, the buildings were home to for less wholesome activities. Back in the late 20s, early '30s, the area of NE 63rd was undeveloped, making it a fine place for a dance hall, a speak-easy, gambling activities and sexual services. I strongly suspect that this establishment was either built with mob money, or taken over by the mob, like (Bobby Mackey's), to be a place where illegal booze could be sold, and gambling/prostitution could be offered as sideline businesses. Black market booze, gambling and selling sex were known fundraisers for the mob during this era. By pairing legitimate entertainment; the dance hall & live music venue, with the other three illegal operations, there was some cover from the law, as well as having a feeder business, which sold black market drinks and perhaps sent dance hall customers to the gambling den and female entertainment. Gangsters such as Pretty Boy Floyd loved to hang out at this jumping night spot, when they weren't causing havoc elsewhere. Throughout the years, various businesses occupied these buildings, and I'm sure changes were made to accommodate the business using the facilities. HISTORY OF MANIFESTATIONS: The nature and consequences of prostitution often leads to hauntings. (White Eagle Pub & Hotel * Copper Queen Hotel * Birdcage Theater) In the attic area somewhere above the County Line Restaurant/banquet annex areas, is where the bordello was established. The good times and the bad luck experienced by participants of gambling operations, has caused hauntings of entities. (Natatorium * Gregory House) Though gangsters/criminal elements tried to behave when at social public gatherings, sometimes their worst side made an appearance, resulting in someone's death. ( Wabasha Street Caves * The Bar Next Door) At least one shooting victim, "Russell", a well-known womanizer was shot in front of the main fireplace, because of his amorous behavior toward a woman who was probably attached to a gangster, and/or a man with anger and jealousy issues. One wonders why the killer didn't wait until a more private moment to take care of this romeo. Surprisingly, Russell was probably killed in front of others. The murderer seemed to have had little fear of being turned in by the witnesses. He either trusted them, or the witnesses were terrified of this person. MANIFESTATIONS: The most active spirit is the male entity, Russell, who paid the ultimate price for his love to flirt with and seduce the opposite sex. * Cups have been known to jump off the drain racks and fly through the air. * Some unseen presence shakes the wine glass rack, clanging the wine glasses against each other. * His apparition has been identified as being this murdered Russell, probably a short time after his untimely death. Disembodied voices has been heard throughout the restaurant and annexes, indicating other unknown entities are hanging around. Staff on the late shift have heard strange sounds and disembodied voices coming from the attic, the old bordello area. I bet they make sure that they get all the things they need from storage if they can, before it gets dark!!!! STILL HAUNTED? Yes indeed! Long time employees tell what they have personally experienced, and witnessed.
1226 Northeast 63rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73111

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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1226 Northeast 63rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73111
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