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1525 South 8th Street
Saint Louis, Missouri, 63104

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Actor Registration
The three biggest, best and scariest haunted houses not only in St Louis but across the Midwest is holding auditions and once again will open our doors to GHOUL SCHOOL.  Our ghoul school is where we teach you how to become a scary monster, zombie, and much more.  All three of our attractions combined need over 400 actors to make ST LOUIS SCREAM!!!  We invite you to attend an audition for Darkness, Lemp and Creepyworld coming up soon.  We are offering multiple dates for each attraction.  All dates for Darkness and Lemp are TOGETHER so no matter which haunt you wish to work at the auditions and ghoul school will be hosted at Darkness.  FILL OUT THE APPLICATION BELOW AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.  You can wear a costume or come in normal cloths. We are also looking for for security, parking lot and other support staff.  Also check the flyer to see ORIENTATION dates. 

The Darkness/Lemp (Auditions and Ghoul School at 1525 South 8th Street)

Auditions  September 4th and 11th (Thursday) 6-8

Creepyworld at Creepyworld Haunted House 141 one Mile South of Gravois

Ghoul School  in Fenton September 8th Monday 6-8 pm
Auditions September 2nd - 9th and 16th (Tuesday) 6-8 pm

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