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ABOUT "Sinister Sidney"
Sinister Sidney – Frights on Filmore St. is a 15 – 45 minute (self-paced) horror filled trek through forest and farm. Located on the old haunted Canon property (circa 1890) in Sidney Iowa, your adventure takes you through Spider Hollow, past the Cannibal Hillbilly Shack, into the Pen and Slaughter House, and across the Torture Fields. This brings you to the bonfire where you may allow your heart-rate to slow as you sip some hot cocoa. Don’t think for a minute that’s the end of the experience! You must still survive the Laser Tunnel, Freddy's Freak Fest, Post-Apocalyptic War Zone and tip-toe past the Graveyard before you escape. With over 25 individual horrors, this trip is not for the faint of heart. For that reason, small children are frowned upon, and promptly eaten. (Seriously though, no children under 12 y/o admitted) Admission is $10.00 or $8.00 and 2 canned goods. All food donations go to help stock the West Central Services Food Pantry.
1308 Filmore Street, Sidney, Iowa, 51652

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Your ticket is inclusive to entire attraction. No children under 12 will be admitted. - Tickets $10 | $2 discount with (2) non-perishable food items. No children under 12 admitted.
Open Friday and Saturday nights in October. Parking opens at 6:30, Doors open at 7:00. No tailgating. No alcohol or drugs allowed on the premises. No children under 12 admitted. - Open Friday and Saturday nights in October. Parking opens at 6:30, Doors open at 7:00. No tailgating. No alcohol or drugs allowed on the premises. No children under 12 admitted.


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1308 Filmore Street, Sidney, Iowa, 51652
1) This is Private Property, as such, we reserve the right to refuse entrance or eject anyone, at any time, for any reason. 2) No Alcohol or Drugs allowed on the premises 3) Most of the Violence/Gore at this attraction is simulated. Any ACTUAL violence occurring will be dealt with in the following manner; a) Stun Guns, Cattle Prods and Zip Ties will be used to subdue the offender. b) The offender will be placed under Citizens Arrest. c) Offender will be held until turned over to the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office. d) Charges will be filed and prosecuted. e) WE ARE NOT KIDDING! 4) For their safety; No children under the age of 12 allowed. (This will save you the therapy costs) 5) Reasonable diligence has been used to make this event safe as long as the marked paths are followed. We will not be held responsible for accidents, injuries or deaths that occur outside of the designated areas. 6) The designated path is approx. ¼ of a mile long. If you have physical limitations that might be an issue, please turn back. 7) This attraction is not recommended for those with a heart or asthma condition or those who are susceptible to seizures. 8) The actors/volunteers at this attraction will take all care not to physically touch you, please do the same. Violators will be processed as stated in rule (2). 9) Though some are not, many of the items you will see in the displays are REAL. This may include, but is not limited to: Blood, Bones, Body Parts, Implements of Destruction, Animals, etc… 10) Some of the items in the displays are either actual props from beloved horror movies or created by the people that made the originals. Please be respectful and DON’T TOUCH! 11) You are here to have a good time and get the living crap scared out of you, we are here to make that happen. ~ Sinister Sidney Management HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!
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