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our home haunt in Lakewood, wa, open 29. 30 & 31 2018, the 29th/30th are open 6pm - 9pm and Halloween is open 4pm - 10pm come visit and maybe scream a lil' bit, this year we are doing the haunt with our neighbors so the house across the streat from us will have part of it too!!! also ITS A FREE HAUNTED HOUSE!! COME AND GO AS YOU PLEASE!! also THERE WILL BE NO EXITS IN THE HAUNT AND NO TURN AROUNDS, if you get too scared we will escort you to the end, there will be a kid friendly area in the front with candy HOWEVER, those who are brave enough to make it through the haunt will get a full size candy bar in the end. COME OVER AND SEE US, we cant wait to eat you.... i mean see you.... whatever. ya'll mind drivin up here?


6123 119th st sw, Lakewood, washington, Oregon, 98499


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oct 29th/31st 6-9 pm oct 31- 4-10 pm


6123 119th st sw, Lakewood, washington, Oregon, 98499

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