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The 17th Door Returns to Fullerton for 2018! Almost every room is new! We're always striving to outdo ourselves each year and 2018 is no exception! With a refocus on storyline, refinement in room details/sets and layered elements of new innovative and interactive scares, we are expecting this to be our best show yet. *Featuring over 35 minutes of psychological terror plus an expanded horror virtual reality add-on experience, only $13! THE 17TH DOOR STORY At Perpetuum Penitentiary the madness continues. As Paula continues to serve her time, she continues her decent in to darkness. An unseen side of Paula is now coming into focus. A thought or mention of her dead child torments her soul and brings forth a psychotic rage aimed at those around her. The prison psychiatrist has prescribed Art Therapy, inflaming her rage and suffering. As a last resort, he has given her an unorthodox tool... A therapy puppet named "Lincoln". Meant to represent her suffocated infant son, it will push her to a place of evil & perversion. The depravity spreads like a virus. Will the puppet, Lincoln, lead her to acceptance of her crime? Or will it push her to nightmarish depths previously unknown. Will Paula chose a path to redemption or will she be devoured by the darkness, becoming a permanent inmate of hell. Otherwise known as Perpetuum, Death Row. Paula, her dead son, and You are ......... Crybaby THE VIXI WARD VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE Guests sentenced to Vixi Ward will face a 15 minute immersive experience. Guests must first endure a pre-op procedure to assess their fitness for treatment. They will then don the VRX-2000 headset themselves to begin their virtual reality experience. Once the guests treatment concludes, they will then be snuck back into inmate general population using a secret entrance. There, they will begin the 17th Door maze inside Perpetuum.


1851 W Orangethorpe Ave, Fullerton, California, 92833


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THE STORY And so it continues. Our Paula has committed a heinous crime. Its now time to pay the pricea lengthy sentence to be served in the most gruesome and hellish of prisons. Much worse than the troubled and miserable life of our depressed college sophomore. Welcome to Perpetuum Penitentiary. A place of darkness born only in nightmares. For within these stone walls you will meet true suffering and despair. Prayers for mercy unanswered. Evil pervading its every space. Paulas space. This detour through hell is her new reality. The question is will it be yours? The sadistic warden has agreed to unsupervised visitation. Go cautiously, one-by-one, as the residents of Perpetuum have no concept of confinement and no intentions of behaving. And they are thirsty. Longing for the smell and taste of new blood. No one escapes. You're only hope is to survive. Are you scared? YOU WILL BE.
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1851 W Orangethorpe Ave, Fullerton, California, 92833

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No running, No lighters, No weapons, No high heels, You may be touched, You may get wet, Not recommended for pregnant women or guests with pacemakers or broken bones/casts, Safe word: Scream "Mercy" to be removed. You may experience claustrophobia, electrical shock, foul scents, bugs, strobe lighting, fog, dizziness, moving floors and loud noises this attraction is not recommended for visitors who have back problems, mental or heart conditions, are prone to seizures or are not physically fit. You assume all risk of injury by entering.  The 17th Door is designed for mature audiences and is recommended for 16 years of age and older. It is not recommended for children under the age of 16.


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