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What is Thrill the World? Each year thousands of people around the world come together to honor the genius of Michael Jackson and raise funds for charity–oh! and to have fun, too! Thrill the World is a worldwide attempt to break the largest simultaneous dance with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Thousands of people in cities around the world will learn “Thriller,” dance and perform it together on the day that Thrill the World takes place. How It Works: People in cities around the world dance to “Thriller” at exactly the same time. Preparation and counting down worldwide is part of the fun but the feeling of being connected to others and dancing together as one is a thrill like no other! Celebrating the truly inspirational genius of Michael Jackson in a living and moving way — is what keeps people coming back year after year. Participants: This dance is for EVERYBODY – all nationalities, faiths, creeds and abilities. Whether you are young or old, a professional dancer, or a complete beginner. You can adjust the routine to your own level — work up a major sweat or just take it easy. Taking part is all about achieving your best – as Michael continues to inspire the world to do. In addition to sharing the joy of dance, the celebration of community and the passion for living, we created Thrill the World so that each event could be used to raise money for a local charity. Giving continues past just the steps of the dance, past the hands of Thrill the World to you, the participants. We want you to experience the gift of giving. And lastly, our hope is that by witnessing and/or being a part of Thrill the World, you will see for yourself that any dream, vision, idea, passion you have CAN be realized. Who would’ve thought we could inspire the world to dance with us? At the same time! Nothing is impossible. Impossible just means it hasn’t been done yet. Do the impossible!
, Albuquerque, New Mexico,

Escape Rooms

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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, Albuquerque, New Mexico,
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