123 Spooky Street, Milwaukee , Wisconsin, 53202
(414) 301-2266

Ghost Tours

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Come Join Our Tours On the streets of Milwaukee, lurking in the shadows of history, live tales of ghosts and haunted buildings. These tales, whispered so as not to wake the dead, or frighten the living have endured the passage of time. Walk Downtown Milwaukee to look beyond what you see every day and explore a world of hidden pasts and dark secrets, restless spirits and eerie sightings. Anna, your tour guide, a native Milwaukeean and avid collector of local folklore and legend, is delighted to introduce you to the spook-tacular side of Milwaukee. Gothic Milwaukee is one of Milwaukee’s newest attractions and we are thrilled to share with you the folklore, legends and macabre tales that lurk on nearly every block of the city. When are the tours? Please visit our website and click on the Calendar link to see a list of available times and dates. If you are interested in a time or date not listed on the calendar, feel free to call or email Gothic Milwaukee to inquire about other options. How long are the tours? The walking tour is approximately 90 minutes long. How strenuous is the tour? We will walk at a gentle pace, with frequent stops. We will not enter any buildings nor do we have scheduled, seated breaks. This tour is accessible for those of nearly all fitness levels. Please do not hesitate to contact Gothic Milwaukee if you have specific questions or concerns. Where is the tour departure point? The tour departs from Cathedral Square, at the corner of Jackson and Wells Streets How much are tickets? Tickets are $10.00 Does the tour happen rain or shine? Yes! Bring your umbrella and let's explore the city! How do I buy tickets? You may purchase tickets in advance, by clicking on the Tickets link. You may also buy tickets onsite before the tour. Onsite tickets can be purchased with cash only. Am I required to tip my tour guide? Gratuities are not required, but always appreciated.


Gothic Milwaukee Walking Ghost Tours PHOTOS

123 Spooky Street, Milwaukee , Wisconsin, 53202
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