ABOUT "The Zombie Run Seattle"
The Zombie apocalypse is upon us… One by one, cities, states and entire nations are beginning to fall victim to a Zombie pandemic that is rapidly pushing mankind to the brink of extinction. Your current location is relatively secure, but supplies are dwindling and you can’t wait forever. The CDC has put you in contact with Captain Jack Churchill, who has set up temporary refuge in your city. Report to his tent for further instructions and help fend of Zombies at your camp. If by chance, we repeat IF by chance your camp is over run by Zombies, there is an alleged 3.1 mile trail leading to a Zombie free refuge. While the trail leads to safety, there is no guarantee of survival. Survivors should expect to encounter massive fires, dilapidated buildings, herd highways, bloody chainsaw massacres, medical checkpoints, hurdles and of course… hundreds of flesh hungry Zombies trying to eat your brains! With all the challenges in front of you, it’s important you know the only time to escape is under the cover of darkness. Prepare yourself to get ‘bloody’, and to get scared out of your mind, because this adventure takes place AT NIGHT! If you are one of the lucky ones to make it to the alleged safe zone, you will be identified as a “FINISHER” via your huge medallion. Good night, and good luck.
15015 Highway 8, McCleary, Washington, 98557

Escape Rooms

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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The Zombie Run Seattle PHOTOS

15015 Highway 8, McCleary, Washington, 98557
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