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ABOUT "New York Haunted Hayride"
The Halloween Attraction that made Ten Thirty One Productions famous and convinced Mark Cuban to make his largest investment in SHARK TANK history has landed in New York City! After 7 years of sending Los Angelenos into the woods for the most horrifying experience in town, the Haunted Hayride has become the most popular Halloween Attraction in the country and is coming for NEW YORKERS! Hay filled wagons wander through a high-octane fantasy world in the woods to tell an original story that exploits the most disturbing fears that live in us all. New York City will see the biggest and best scares from 7 years of haunting the West Coast. A tractor drawn, hay wagon will slither it’s way through enchanted Halloween portals of ghostly apparitions, demonic possessions, orphanages of burnt children, creatures of leviathan proportion, Psychopathic Clowns of the Night and much, MUCH more. Don’t miss what The Today Show, Bloomberg News, Fortune, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, MTV, G4, E, Access Hollywood, and so many others have called “TERRIFYING & AWESOME. ”The New York Haunted Hayride is about to become your new Halloween “Must See” Tradition.
1 Randalls Island Road, New York, New York, 10035
(302) 751-5747

Escape Rooms

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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1 Randalls Island Road, New York, New York, 10035
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