ABOUT "Exiled- Trail of Terror"
Exiled is a Haunted attraction (Haunted House) located in Bonner Springs, KS. Located just a few minutes from old downtown Bonner Springs at the home of ZipKC and the KC Timber Challenge. Prepare yourself for over a mile of hiking through the heavy dark forest infested by our deranged freaks. The hike will take approximately 45 min to an hour and require the physical stamina to climb hills, bend, stoop and crawl. You MUST wear closed toe shoes and sign a waiver to enter this attraction. The woods contain hidden rocks, obstacles, bugs, animals and other hazards. We highly recommend kids be at least 12 years old and any child under 16 must have a parents signature on their waiver to enter. Your group will be provided with small red LED lights to help you navigate the horrors waiting for you in the woods. Absolutely no flashlights, phone lights, photography or other light sources will be permitted. Tickets are available online and at the door for $25 flat. Open starting October 6th. See below for dates and hours of operations. Subject to change without notice.
12829 Loring Rd, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 66012
(913) 276-0018

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Tickets available online or at the door. Exiled- Trail of Terrors $25
Oct 6th, 7th 8pm to Midnight Oct 13th, 14th 7:30pm to Midnight Oct 20th, 21st 7pm to Midnight Oct 26th, 27th, 28th & 29th 7pm to Midnight

12829 Loring Rd, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 66012
Closed toed shoes required Recommended 12+ Tour includes 1 mile of hiking, climbing, crawling outside in the dark Waiver required to enter Under 18 must have parent or guardian sign waiver - No outside lights of any kind No photography No unruly, obscene behavior or fighting tolerated No Intoxication Violation of any rules will result in immediate removal from tour
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