America's Scariest Haunted Houses 2020 - Top 13 Rated Haunts

Haunted House Review America's Best Haunts of 2020
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Every October, haunt seekers travel the country looking to visit the scariest haunted attractions in America.  The World has embraced haunted houses as October's finest entertainment, and in America it's taken to an elevated level.  There's a new phenomenon growing across America whereby scream seekers hop in their cars and travel the country in search of the scariest haunted houses.  Hauntworld is the largest haunted house directory with over 4,000 haunted attractions listed. Hauntworld has been tracking America's scariest haunts for the past 20 years! Which haunted houses are the scariest?  Which haunted houses are best for traveling haunt seekers crossing the country to visit?  Hauntworld brings you the list of the scariest, most terrorizing haunted attractions with the ultimate screams!  

Halloween 2020 has been turned on its head due to Covid, but haunters have found a way to make America SCREAM like never before!  The haunted house industry's national tradeshow held each year in March in St Louis Missouri was cancelled.  Many of the nationally recognized haunted events such as Universal Horror Nights were also cancelled, but the screams continue with haunted houses taking unprecedented steps to make Halloween safer to scream and scream again.  

There are tens of thousands of haunted events coast to coast. So what are the scariest haunted house attractions to visit in 2020?  Grab your road map, program your navigation and get ready for the ultimate road trip of terror, fear and screams!  Hauntworld presents the scariest haunted attractions to visit in the United States 2020!

1) 13th Gate - Baton Rouge, Louisiana -

2) Haunted Overload - Lee, New Hampshire -

3) The Darkness - St Louis, Missouri -

4) Headless Horseman Hayride - Ulster Park, New York -

5) NetherWorld - Atlanta, Georgia -

6) Woods of Terror - Greensboro, North Carolina -

7) Field of Screams - Mountville, Pennsyvania -

8) Realm Of Terror - Round Lake Beach, Illinois -

9) Double M Haunted Hayride - Ballston Spa, New York -

10) Sinister Tombs - Eastview, Kentucky -

11) Fright Kingdom - Nashua, New Hampshire -

12) Altered Nightmares Haunted House - Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania -

13) Basement of the Dead - Aurora, Illinois -
Here is our list of the next best haunts 14 thru 31.

14) Haunted Nightmares - Winchester, Virginia -
15) Factory of Terror - Canton, Ohio -
16) Erebus - Pontiac, Michigan -
17) Spookyworld - Litchfield, New Hampshire -
18) Kersey Valley Spookywoods - Archdale, North Carolina -
19) Bennetts Curse - Baltimore, Maryland -
20) Lake Hickory Haunts - Connelly Springs, North Carolina -
21) Creepyworld Haunted Screampark - Fenton, Missouri -
22) Azra Haunted House Chamber of Horrors - Madison Heights, Michigan -
23) Ever Haunt - Angola, New York -
24) Haunted Club Farm - Virginia Beach, Virginia -
25) Wiards Night Terrors - Ypsilanti, Michigan -
26) Rise Haunted House - Hammond, Louisiana -
27) Evil on Erie - Lafayette, Indiana -
28) Burkett's Haunted Hayride - Manns Choice, Pennsylvania -
29) Hauntville - Elyria, Ohio -
30) Dread Hollow - Chattanooga, Tennessee -
31) Nightmare on Wolcott Street - Waterbury, Conneticut -

Halloween doesn’t end there… now here is our list of best haunts 32 thru 60.  Did a haunted house in your city make our list? PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE!

32) Land of Illusion Screampark - Middeltown, Ohio - 
33) Frightmare Farms - Fulton, New York -
34) Spooky Ranch at Rockin R Ranch - Columbia Station, Ohio -
35) House of Horrors - Buffalo, New York -
36) The Warehouse Haunted Attraction - Weber City, Virginia -
37) Nightmare in the Gorge - Minden, WV -
38) Twisted Fields of Terror - Prince Frederick, Maryland -
39) Chambers of Hell - Hauppauge, New York -
40) A Fright Haven - Stratford, Conneticut -
41) Factory of the Dead - Saginaw, Michigan -
42) Mount Mayhem Haunted House - Phoenix, Arizona -
43) Rolling Hills Asylum - East Bethany, New York -
44) The Dead End Hayride - Wyoming, Minnesota -
45) Fear Forest Haunted House & Hayride - Warren, Ohio -
46) The Hill Has Eyes - Franklin, Wisconsin -
47) Hotel of Horror - Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania -
48) The Dark Side Haunted Adventure - Ixonia, Wisconsin -
49) Kreepy Hollow Haunted Attraction - Bishopville, South Carolina -
50) Fortress of Fear Screampark - Alliance, Ohio -
51) Soul Takers Acres -  Warsaw, Indiana -
52) Haunted Shadows Lake Trail - Colony, Texas -
53) Midway Wicked Woods - Statesville, North Carolina -
54) Rochester Horror Fright at the Farm - Goodhue County, Minnesota -
55) Carnival of Horrors Haunted House - Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio -
56) Hanna Haunted Acres - Indianapolis, Indiana -
57) Enigma Haunt - Boca Raton, Florida -
58) The Haunts at Zombies Realm - Yankton, South Dakota -
59) Camp Fear - Hiddenite, North Carolina -
60) Barrett's Haunted Mansion - Abington, Massachusetts -


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