ABOUT "Country Corn Maze"
The Country Corn Maze is entering its 13th year of providing Shiawassee Counties Premier Agricultural Entertainment. 2013 Theme is "Farm Guy" "Farm Guy" challenges you to come to the "Country Corn Maze" and experience 4 Professionally designed, Mapped and Cut Mazes. "Farm Tracks" maze for Kids, "Farm Scene Investigation" in 2 mazes, 18 checkpoints in 3 mazes, Fun Farm and Ag facts at each checkpoint. Corn Cannon, Pumpkin Patch, Apple Cider and Donuts. New this year try out Farm Guys' Jumping Ball Race Track. "Farm Guy" is the Mascot/Spokesman of Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizer. www.agroliquid.com "Agro Liquid" is a Family owned, Michigan Based, Plant Nutrient Manufacturer. Agro Liquid utilizes extensive Research and Proprietary Nutrient Formulations to promote "Responsible Nutrient Management". Todays Farmers are more careful than ever to utilize the "4 R's" of Responsible Nutrient Management. Right Product, Right Amount, Right Placement and Right Timing to grow clean, safe, nutritious food to feed a growing population not just in the USA but around the world. Owned and operated by Brian and Jami Martindale and sons Levi, Zach and Gabe as well as Daughter in law Amanda. Special Events The "Farm Scene Investigation" Returns "New Farm Tracks" a game for kids. Also Farm Scene Education for School Groups. The Country Corn Maze is a seasonal business, family owned and operated by Brian and Jami Martindale and son Gabriel (14) of rural Corunna. Opening September 5th and running thru November 3rd. 4 Professionally designed and cut mazes. 18 check points. Farm Scene Investigation in 2 mazes. Kids Farm Tracks Maze. Corn Cannon. New this year, "Jumping Ball Race Track" Great fun for all ages. More details at http://www.mazeplay.com/country-corn-maze The Corn is Tall and Green. The Temperature is perfect. The paths are in great shape. The Hot Cider, Hot Chocolate and Donuts are ready. Come on out and Get Lost at the Country Corn Maze. You'll be Lost, You'll be Laughing, You Will Love It!!
450 North Vernon Road, Corunna, Michigan, 48817

Corn Mazes

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450 North Vernon Road, Corunna, Michigan, 48817
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