ABOUT "Long Family Farm"
Farm Yard includes: Unlimited hayrides to the U-pick pumpkin area for the day. Pumpkins are additional cost, if you choose to pick a pumpkin from the patch. Unlimited time in our 5-acre Corn Maze(daytime only). Unlimited time in the Play Area for the day. Farm Yard includes: Goat Farm, Giant Jumping Pumpkin Bounce, Corn Bounce, Tube Swing, Giant Slide, Pedal Karts, Little/Big Sand Box, Many Large Playstructures, Large Picnic Area, Photo Opportunities and more... As people are going through the corn maze and they are on the bridge bridge inside the corn maze trying to find their way out. you hear arguing and laughter trying to come up with a plan to escape the corn maze. It is almost as fun as listening to the canoeists on the Huron River. Come join in on the fun!! Just hear what everyone is saying!!! "Getting fresh asparagus is killer here! Pro tip, show up 15 mins before they open the hut, get in line 10 minutes before they open and you'll be golden. Can't wait to visit more. Short review because it's a farm! Get outside and see for yourself!" "Long's has a quality maize maze. The corn is tall and dense which makes for a challenge to find your way out! Definitely one of the top corn mazes I've been too." "Best fresh corn anywhere.." "We took a chance on this place because of Yelp. I've been with my family to various places like Yates and Franklin and other cider mills including one out in Armada that was really great. Long's feels like a perfect mix for anyone taking a family out for a few hours of fun on a fall afternoon. The draw to this place would be the right mix of things for kids and families to do. A nice playground with some structures to play in, a bounce house for little kids and this bounce floor that is out in the open for the older kids. 2 corn mazes that were not exactly easy made for a lot of walking in circles but still, it was fun and you can see they try to make it a little challenging. You can feed some goats with feed they have for a modest price and then a hayride to a nearby pumpkin patch made for a nice break. It's not super crowded like other places can get - we were there on what felt like a busy day but it wasn't overwhelming. Donuts and cider were available and the donuts were being made literally as fast as people could get them. It was easy to see they were popular! They taste great and are sugary and delicious. Bottom line is that if you have kids that are between 4 and 10 or 11, you're going to like this place if you want to spend 2-4 hours. If I can ding them on anything, it's that they don't have water or a drinking fountain I could find. They had good facilities and hand washing stations after feeding the goats. I mean, it's well thought out, well organized and didn't get too busy. A great afternoon, kids were beat, parents are tired and we all had a fun time. I'd give this 4 1/2 stars if I could but rounded up to 5 because it was a pleasant surprise."
1540 East Commerce Road, Commerce Township, Michigan, 48382
(248) 360-3774

Corn Mazes

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Launching Pumpkins At Long's Farm Rob Long demonstrates how to launch pumpkins clear across his farm with this pumpkin launcher. The barrel of the launcher is stuffed with straw and then a small pumpkin is put in on top of the straw. The hatch is closed up, the tube is pressurized and with a turn of the valve the pumpkin is launched the length of a few football fields across his farm pasture. It was great fun to watch the pumpkin launchings. The straw acts as a propellant that launches the pumpkin into the air. You will see the straw disperse as the pumpkin is launched high into the air. Note the smoking barrel of the launcher. This generates a great deal of heat. This is a MUST see event!! - Apples, Pumpkins, Cider Mill, Petting Farm Located on Commerce Rd. West of Bogie Lake Rd. Asparagus, Peas, Corn Located on Bogie Lake Rd. North of Commerce Rd.


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1540 East Commerce Road, Commerce Township, Michigan, 48382
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