ABOUT "Robinette's Corn MazeMI"
Robinettes Corn Maze is a 6.5 acre maze hosted by the Robinettes Apple Haus & Winery. In addition to changing the design every year, there are problem solving 'cornundrums' and interactive 'passport' clues along the way. The Robinettes Corn Maze has been one of the most popular corn maze in Michigan!! Our corn maze is planted every year in a different pattern, in 2010 it was a very complex spider-web. Average time of completion for an adult is 1 1/2 - 2 hours. The maze includes interactive 'Passport' signs which you can text a number for clues on the maze or call for help if your totally lost. There are also about a dozen 'cornundrums' which are kid friendly picture quizzes. If you complete the maze and get a certain number of cornundrums correct, your name is entered for a special prize. Our staff is very friendly, especially to little children and always ready to help. Ticket prices vary with each attraction so please visit our website or call ahead for prices. Anyone visiting please take advantage of the special hayride/corn maze combo deal that provides access to the corn maze and a hayride. Pillow is open 7 days a week this fall. Weather permitting. Ages 3 and up. Please note the following rules for your safey: Must be physically fit. No flips or somersaults. Remove jewelry and empty pockets. No jumping when wet. No jumping with footwear. Jump at arm's length from others. Observe safety at all times. This includes entering and exiting the pillow. No smoking, alcohol or drugs. Weight limit is 225 lbs. Price is $5 for unlimited jumping during one day. You may be asked to take turns if there are many people waiting in line.
3142 4 Mile Road Northeast, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49525

Corn Mazes

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3142 4 Mile Road Northeast, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49525
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