ABOUT "Gary's Pumpkin Patch & Fall Festival"
Corn Maze - This is an experience the whole family will enjoy! Get lost in 8 acres of corn at Gary's Berries. Test your directional skills by daylight or by moonlight in this puzzling challenge. If going alone is to much to handle, go as a group or with your whole family. Tire Maze Turmoil - Corn Maize too much for you? Maybe the tire maze is more your size! Cornpit Peril - Corn craziness!... that's what this unique attractions is all about! Over 3,000 pounds of corn are poured into a bin for kids of all ages to jump into. It's a squirrel's paradise! Haybale Haven - Hay kids... Jump around to your heart's content in this hayriffic jungle gym. It's a climber's paradise with tunnels, steps, forts, and so much more! Bonfire Blitz - Enjoy our bonfire with your friends and family. We lease out a hideaway in the trees for private parties... plenty of firewood supplied. Tell ghost stories and make smores. It is something you children will remember forever. Call us regarding availability and for more details. Hayrack Ride - Nothing is more festive in the fall time then an old- fashioned hayrack ride. But this is no regular hayrack ride... we add a little Halloween fun to it.
5991 17th Street, Grantville, Kansas, 66429
(785) 246-0800

Corn Mazes

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5991 17th Street, Grantville, Kansas, 66429
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