ABOUT "Gaines Farm"
Corn Maze!Every harvest season, The Gaines Farm cranks out the family fun with the annual Corn Maze, harvest celebration. Join us for games, good food, good folks and 7 acres of ten-foot corn stalk, maze madness. It's an agricultural feat that will mystify, as you navigate this Gaines, grain labyrinth. Will you ever find the end? We know you will! Open Sat. & Sun. 11AM to 5PM Haunted Hay Ride An experience so terrifying that we personally escort our visitors, pulled atop hay-strewn wagons, into the Gaines Farm night. Beyond the Haunted Corn Maze (the baddies in the corn maze hide from evil that lurks beyond) the Haunted Hay Ride explores the truly horrifying history of the Gaines Farm, as those whom were once wronged seek Vengeance in the Valley! Haunted Maze What lurks in our maze after-hours? The mad? The undead? Flesh-eating extra-terrestrials? Don't turn your back. Don't close your eyes. Or you might just find out. Come prepared! Twilight Maze Walk On Saturday evenings you can navigate our maze by the light of the moon and the stars, as the sun sets on our Twilight Maze Walk. This non-scary event is a fun time for all ages. Walk through our maze with your friends and family then star-gaze by our cozy bonfire and enjoy the beautiful night sky. Cow Train The Iron Horse has nothin' on our iron cows. Tour the farm with all your friends on the, locally famous, Gaines Farm Cow Train. It's fun for children of all ages. Corn Cannon When one thinks of corn, it's only a short time before one begins to ask oneself, "how could I shoot this corn 400 feet through the air?" At Gaines Farm we endeavored to find out. Our endeavoring was rewarded by two words: corn cannon. We built the cannon; we use the cannon, and every year we invite you, our friends and neighbors to use it too. The best marksfolk take home prizes from the Gaines Farm store. Pumpkin Bowling It's the craze that's sweeping the nation. Throw a pumpkin, knock down some pins. Keep score with tiny little pencils. Drink a cider. That's harvest soul-food, right there.
6343 Calvin Coolidge Memorial Highway, Guilford, Vermont, 05301

Corn Mazes

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6343 Calvin Coolidge Memorial Highway, Guilford, Vermont, 05301
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