ABOUT " Bergmann Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch"
We have by far the largest corn maze in Wichita (15 acres). Over 200 fun trivia questions and brain teasers are located throughout our maze. Answer so many correctly and win a free pumpkin. Also enjoy one of our many other attractions when visiting the corn maze: Trailer Rides Inflatables Movies (FREE) Carnival Games Giant Slingshots The Mindless Mini Maze The Two-Headed Copperhead Tractor Tire Swing Tornado Twister Fun Ball Quad Teeter Rider Merry Go Cycle Concessions Corn Maze We have by far the largest corn maze in Wichita (15 acres). Try to solve our maze the old-fashioned way by trial and error, or if you're in a hurry, use the map we give you. For a bigger challenge, try our maze at night. Bring your own flashlight, or we rent them for $1. Trivia Questions and Brain Teasers (located in the maze) Many of our customers keep coming back to our maze year after year because of our fun questions. Example: David’s father had 3 sons, Snap, Crackle and? Answer: David. We have over 200 adult & children’s questions located throughout our maze. Answer so many correctly and win a free pumpkin! Pumpkin Picking (Weekends) Enjoy a free trailer ride out to pick your pumpkins. We'll have a nice selection of all different shapes and sizes. Our pumpkin picking will be available in the daytime only during our normal corn maze hours on the weekend. We also have pre-picked pumpkins for your selection. For more information please visit our Pumpkin Page on our website. Trailer Rides We offer free trailer rides to and from our maze. At night we light up the trailers. Inflatables Two Moon Walks, 22 ft. Dual slide, 81 ft. Obstacle course (pictured), Boxing ring, Two man bungee run, and Joust arena. Movies (FREE) We show free movies at night. You may choose between theatre 1 or theatre 2 each with surround sound. We show movies for the entire family. Carnival Games Show off your athletic skills. We have basketball, two dart games, speedpitch (a radar gun checks the speed of your pitches), milk bottle toss, and several other throwing games. Win a small prize up to a large stuffed animal, depending on your accuracy. Trike Track Family fun for all ages, including the grandparents. We have adult tricycles, childrens' tricycles, and toddler tricycles. For added fun, race under the lights at night. Giant Slingshots How good is your depth perception and your aim? This is a fun way to find out! You launch baseballs at targets and if you can hit one of the bullseyes, you'll win either $10 or $30 worth of free tickets. The free tickets can be used for any of the other attractions, excluding concessions. The Two-Headed Copperhead Crawl through the "Two-Headed Copperhead". Concrete pipes and ramps are lined with carpet to protect clothing and knees. Total length is longer than a football field The Mindless Mini Maze This attraction is fun for everyone. This maze is especially well suited for little kids and the paths are wide enough for parents to accompany them. Tractor Tire Swing Set Swing and spin with your friends on tractor tires. Concessions Check out our large selection of name brand soda pop, chips, and candy. We also have hotdogs, brats, Hot Pockets, mini pizzas, popcorn, angus cheeseburgers, ice cream treats, hot chocolate, and hot cider when it turns cold. We sell bottled water and provide free ice cold drinking water day and night. And So Much More!!!
8401 South Meridian Avenue, Haysville, Kansas, 67060

Corn Mazes

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Bergmann Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch PHOTOS

8401 South Meridian Avenue, Haysville, Kansas, 67060
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