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Corn Mazes! Test your sense of direction in our two large corn mazes. Our traditional 8 acre maze is designed as a picture and is a great adventure for the whole family. Or, try our impossible maze and see if you can make it through this ultimate 9 acre challenge. You pay one price to walk both mazes all day. Visit our corn maze page for more information. Wagon Rides! Take an adventure wagon ride through our pumpkin patch and cornfield. Along the way, you will meet Jack the Forgetful Farmer and help him get his pumpkins home. Rides last about 20 minutes. Note: The wagon ride does not stop in the pumpkin patch. All pumpkins are within walking distance of our farm. Ducky Derby! Pump these old fashion water pumps and watch your ducky float away. The first duck to the end of pipe wins! Kids, watch out: mom and dad might have so much fun they will never want to go home. This activity is fun for all ages. Right Turn Only Maze! his maze looks easy until you realize that left turns are not allowed. Located between our two corn mazes, this maze will frustrate you as you literally go in circles trying to find the exit. Magic Number Maze! This unqiue puzzle takes mazes to a whole new level. Navigate our grid of blocks moving the number of blocks based on the block on which you stand. It only takes 12 moves to complete, but this maze is a challenge! Pumpkin Checkers! Play some life size checkers using orange and white pumpkins as the checkers. Walk around on our giant checkerboard as you challenge a friend to this fun farm twist to checkers. Pumpkin Picking! Skelly's Farm Markets has acres of pumpkins for you to choose from. We grow over 20 acres of pumpkins, gourds, squash, and everything in between. We have pumpkins piled around our barn for you to choose easily, or venture out into our pumpkin patch. We have plenty of red wagons for you to pull your pumpkin back to your car. Our small specialty pumpkins range in price from 3/$1.50 to $3.00 each depending on the size and type of pumpkin. Our carving size pumpkins cost $.35 per pound. You are always welcome to check the price of your pumpkin before you pay. We also have lots of other fall decorations such as gourds, squash, corn shocks, straw bales and Indian corn. Our gift barn is at its full size during the fall season, so do not miss out. Corn Maze!!! Since 1998, Skelly's has hosted a corn maze each fall. Your maze wristband is good for both of our corn mazes to cover every level of adventure on over 15 acres of corn mazes. If you are ready to get lost in the dark, try our night maze. About the Mazes How does the maze work? Our Adventure Corn Maze covers six acres, and our Impossible Maze covers nine. When you enter the maze, you will receive a map of the maze just in case you get lost. As you navigate the maze, you will try to find various checkpoints. When you find a checkpoint you will also find a paper punch to punch your map. If you find all the checkpoints, you are entered to win a giant pumpkin! The Adventure Maze: Each year our maze has a new theme and friendly scarecrows in the maze help guide and tell a fun story. This maze is a great activity for families. While it takes most visitors about 45 minutes to do the entire maze, you can exit half way through or take a break. This maze is designed to be fun with a little challenge, but most visitors can find their way out without getting too lost. This year's maze theme is "Airplanes". The Impossible Maze: In 2008 we also added our Impossible Maze and has gotten harder each year. This maze is designed for older children and adults that want the ultimate challenge. If you think you have mastered our Impossible Maze in the past, this year might be the year that gets you lost forever. At first glance, you may see that almost no dead ends exist in the maze and the entrance really is not that far from the exit. But the challenge of this maze is not to simply get through but to find all 12 checkpoints. With a stagering 4+ miles of paths connected by a puzzle of circles, you will completely lose your sense of direction. But don't worry about getting too lost. Every participant is provided with a map and emergency phone number to help find the entrance, exit, or one of our four emergency exits for those that do not want to be lost forever. The corn mazes open Labor Day weekend, but our main pumpkin season does not begin until mid September with lots of other activities such as the wagon rides, pumpkin patch, pumpkin slingshot, duck races, and more.
2713 Hayner Road, Janesville, Wisconsin, 53548

Corn Mazes

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2713 Hayner Road, Janesville, Wisconsin, 53548
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