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2014 Pirate Treasure Corn Maze This year we are partnering with Maize Quest to offer the most advanced and challenging corn maze experience in West Michigan. Our 10 acre Maize Quest corn maze has been designed by renowned maze designer Dave Phillips, author of numerous maze books and designer of the best corn mazes in North America. Three interactive games will be incorporated into the maze making it fun, challenging and educational for all ages. This will be the most unique and fun maze experience that you will ever find. Come out and play in the corn. You are sure to get lost. Hayrides and Sleigh Rides Huge draft horses are the stars of our hayrides and sleigh rides. Zeke and Zoey, our team of Belgian draft horses, will be more than happy to pull a wagon or sleigh full of your family and friends around the farm. Our rides start out at the barn, journey down through wooded trails and then back up through the orchard. During September and October we stop at the pumpkin patch and orchard for u-pick giant pumpkins and delicious apples. Apples are back for the 2014 season and we have more varieties than ever before!! Our new U-Pick orchard will offer many new and traditional varieties this year. And better yet, all of the trees are small and easy for everyone to reach without a ladder. Available picked or u-pick.
11966 Fruit Ridge Avenue, Kent City, Michigan, 49330

Corn Mazes

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NEW THIS YEAR: Two mazes for the price of one. The new family sized maze with finger painting fun game AND the giant challenge maze. 10 Acres of fun for all ages. The biggest and best maze in West MI with 3 INTERACTIVE GAMES. - FALL HARVEST FESTIVAL 2014 SEPTEMBER 20 - NOVEMBER 2 FRIDAY 5-9pm SATURDAY 12-9pm SUNDAY 12-5pm


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11966 Fruit Ridge Avenue, Kent City, Michigan, 49330
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