ABOUT " Treinen Farm Corn Maze"
Activities: EXPLORE our 200-acre farm nestled in the beautiful driftless area of Wisconsin near Lodi (just 20 miles north of Madison. CHALLENGE yourself, friends and family to Wisconsin's most challenging corn maze--15 acres (14 and1/2 football fields) of outdoor adventure. Or start off in the Children's Maze--you will only get a tiny bit lost... SEARCH for the perfect pumpkin in our thirteen-acre pumpkin patch, with hayride provided by our gentle draft horses. RELAX by the shimmering pond and savor the experience. Bite into a crisp caramel apple, enjoy the fall colors, watch the kids play in the Tractor Tire Playground or launch pumpkins from the giant slingshot, meet a chicken, pet a goat. CONNECT to family, friends, the land, and Wisconsin's farming heritage. Our family welcomes you our third generation family farm. Create magical memories, and enjoy the fleeting summer and fall in the beautiful countryside."We Grow Memories" 15 acre corn maze (that's almost 15 football fields of diabolically twisty trails in 10 foot high corn!) Try it in the dark if you're brave enough... Horse-drawn hayrides, 14 acre pumpkin patch with 15+ varieties of pumpkins. Farm animals, tractor tire playground, Molehill Mountain double tube slides, corn pit, fall foods--lots of fall fun for all ages. ZOMPOCALYPSE: THE ZOMBIE INVASION Release your inner zombie on the Saturday before Halloween. Join us for scary fun--corn maze in the dark with zombies everywhere... http://treinenfarm.com/zompocalyps WHAT IS A CORN MAZE? It's an interactive outdoor game. It's a challenge for the whole family to conquer together. It's teambuilding opportunity. It's REALLY fun! Enjoy a unique experience-find your way through our 15-acre cornfield maze with over 4 miles of twists, turns and dead ends. Challenge yourself, your friends, and family members to solve the maze and find all the clues in this mind-boggling living puzzle. There's a special prize for those persistent enough to find ALL the secret locations in the maze. AUTHENTIC HORSE-DRAWN HAYRIDES October is pumpkin season at the Treinen Farm. Let our Belgian draft horses take you on a journey through time to a gentler era. The slow clop of hooves accompanies you as you travel past the pond on a tree-lined lane to the fourteen-acre pumpkin patch. Search for the perfect pumpkin hidden in the tangle of vines. We have over 15 varieties, from baby pumpkins that fit in the palm of your hand to giants that even Dad will have hard time handling.
W 12420 Route 60 Trunk, Lodi, Wisconsin, 53555

Corn Mazes

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W 12420 Route 60 Trunk, Lodi, Wisconsin, 53555
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