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Linder Farms is one more reason to look forward to fall. In addition to hay rides out to their 20 acre pumpkin patch, they feature a professionally designed 15 acre corn maze that is photographed from the sky each year. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the petting zoo, or you can play laser tag, ride the mechanical bull or zip line, or take a turn on the Orbiter or the Orbitron rides if you want some fast-paced fun. You can also test your skills on the rock climbing wall or with the pumpkin sling shot. The pumpkin patch, corn maze, and all the other great family activities are well worth a daytime visit, but don't forget the Trail of Terror, their haunted corn trail, for some frightful nighttime fun too! With something fun for everyone, Linder Farms is the place to be to celebrate fall with the whole family. Included Attractions With admission to Linder Farms, the following attractions are provided at no additional cost for your enjoyment: Hay Rides Straw Bale Maze Tractor Tire Playground Corn Box Petting Zoo Pedal Tractors Premium Attractions With everything from Barrel Train Rides to Laser Tag, we have something for everybody. All of the attractions use the $1.00 tokens available in quantity discounts (see pricing page on our website). A note on the zip line. -- This newest attraction at Linder Farms is a 350' ride starting on an 18' high platform. It is engineered for safety, but to ensure that safety, it does have restrictions: 1) Maximum 250 lbs 2) Minimum 40 lbs 3) Must wear supplied safety harness and follow the 8 step safety check as instructed by the trained jump masters who will assist you. 4) Must sign waiver (or have a parent sign the waiver if participant is younger than 18 years old).
7165 South Linder Road, Meridian, Idaho, 83642

Corn Mazes

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What Not to Wear This page attempts to serve as a guide to make your visit to our pumpkin patch as pleasurable as possible. This is a real farm. It has things like dirt and weeds. Trust me, we wish it was clean too! Because of the dirt (and if it is a wet season this becomes MUD), you will probably want to wear something that can potentially get dirty. Leave your dress shoes at home. As for the weeds, some of them have thorns and the weeds themselves can be prickly. Even the pumpkin vines (early in the season before a hard frost) will scratch your legs a little if you are wearing shorts. Once there is a hard frost, the weeds and pumpkin vines pretty much dissipate. However, you would still be wise to wear shoes as some of the thorns are laying on the ground searching for bare feet to attack. The pumpkin stems themselves will also be a little prickly before a hard frost. It would be a good idea to bring a glove so you can rip the stem from the vine without hurting your hands. I hope that the above advice has not scared you away. This pumpkin patch is REALLY fun! You ARE going to have a great time - but this will simply help to make it a little better. After the hard frost, the patch becomes easier to navigate. But be warned, the HUGE pumpkins will be picked early in the season. We hope to have THOUSANDS of pumpkins this year, so there should be enough for those who come late in the season. My suggestion - Come early in the season and then come again late in the season. You won't be sorry. This is a fun, inexpensive family treat! - Directions to Our Farm Address: 7165 S Linder Road, Meridian, ID 83642 Driving Directions: Linder Road is only one mile west of the Kuna/Meridian Highway (Hwy 69), and we are halfway between Lake Hazel and Columbia Roads. Note: Look for the Big Red Barn!


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7165 South Linder Road, Meridian, Idaho, 83642
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