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Find Haunted Houses in Idaho in cities from Boise, Nampa, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Coeur d'Alene, Lewiston, Idaho. The biggest, scariest, and best haunted houses in the state of Idaho from haunted attractions, haunted hayrides, corn mazes, paintball zombie hayrides, to massive Screamparks can all be found here at Hauntworld will help you find all types of haunted attractions, Halloween haunted houses, hayrides, corn mazes, haunted prisons, hotels, mansions to any and all types of horror attractions. Hauntworld will also help you find haunted hayrides, year around haunts, to even zombie paintball hayrides in Idaho. Please share this page via social media and leave your comments and reviews.
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Idaho Haunted Houses have grown over the years to feature some really amazing haunted houses some of which have been featured on Travel Channel. Several years ago when we visited haunted houses in the Boise, Idaho  the haunted houses in Idaho seemed to be around every corner especially in the Boise, Idaho area haunted houses are very popular form of entertainment and more haunted houses in Idaho can be found at On you will find every type of haunted houses in Idaho from a haunted hayride, haunted house, Halloween Attractions, ghost tours, to paranormal ghost hunting. Read all about the best and scariest haunted houses in the state of Idaho here at  Idaho has some of the biggest haunted houses in cities like Boise, Nampa, Pocatelo, Idaho Falls, Lewiston, Idaho.

 When looking for a scary or the best haunted house in Idaho look no further than the area of Nampa, Idaho Falls, Lewiston, Idaho because this is an absolute hotbed for haunted houses which would also include the Akron area. Idaho has more haunted houses than almost any other state in America, and not only do they have several haunts but they have some of the best found anywhere. Idaho has many cities with great haunted houses especially Idaho area which has more of the top rated haunts than any other city in America.

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The Story of the Kraft House

The Kraft House is a warehouse that is located in Pocatello, Idaho. It is by far one of the most haunted places that one can visit in Idaho. In fact, the warehouse has scared so many individuals that it has been completely abandoned and nobody dares to enter the inside.

In the 1980s, a young woman was brutally murdered in this warehouse. She was attending a party nearby and was drugged at the party by a crazed man at around 4:00 a.m. He took her to this warehouse shortly after spiking her drinking with the harmful drug. After he took her to the warehouse, he raped her. And during the process his gun accidentally went off and shot the woman. The bullet hit her just right and she died instantly.

After her body and murder were discovered, the authorities traced the building to find the bullet. They were hoping that if they found the bullet that they would be able to match the bullet to the gun of the killer. The problem was that the bullet was never found.

About 10 years later, a manager who ran the warehouse was staying late one night to work on a handful of projects that had piled up. He felt an eerie feeling late at night in the building, but he assumed it was nothing and ignored his feelings. Late into the early morning he suddenly became cold, despite the fact that the heat was on in the warehouse. He felt that there was something, or someone, lingering and hovering over him.

At about 4:00 a.m., 15 calls were made to 911 from the 15 phone lines in the warehouse. The 911 operators claimed that the heard a woman cry, “Please help me,” and then a dial tone. Police quickly hurried to the scene only to find an empty chair in the middle of the warehouse and a tiny bullet nearby.

The manager was upstairs working and had no idea about the phone calls. The police barged into his office and arrested him – assuming he had held the woman captive who made the phone calls. The manager tried to explain that he had nothing to do with it, but the police didn’t believe his claim.

Every year from there on out, on the anniversary of the woman’s death, the same scene occurs. Fifteen calls are frantically made to the 911 line with a woman crying for help. When police enter the scene they always find a chair and a bullet nearby.

Eventually the building became abandoned. No one wanted to be caught in the warehouse in the dark and they surely didn’t want to get arrested for something occurring beyond the grave. Somehow though, even with the building abandoned, those 15 calls are made each year on the anniversary of that fateful night in 1984. 


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