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Acres and acres of fun … all season long! Ride Pedal Carts on the Lewis Motor Speedway – Hop-Hop on two Giant Jumping Pillows Mine for Gemstones at the Farming Rocks Mining Company Lasso Wild Steers from a Barrel Horse – Race Rubber Ducks down a Water Trough Enjoy Singing Chickens at Michigan’s only Country Cluckin’ Revue Watch Honey Bees in our Observation Hive – Play Redneck TicTacToe or Swing the Ring Take a ride in the BumpAlong Barrel Train nd there’s lots more! Dig in a Beached Boat Sandbox – Crawl in the Climbing Spider Web – Try Milking a Wooden Cow Wheeeeee down our two Black Hole Slides Enjoy the Woody Tractor/Truck play area, Tire Swings, Teeter-Totters, and Chubby Checkers! Special fun for Fall! Get Lost in Grandpa’s (8 acre) Cornfusion Corn Maze – Visit the Pumpkin Patch and pick a few (or a lot!) All Aboard the Apple Express for a Wagon Ride and to visit the Enchanted Forest (fall weekends only) See the Pumpkin Chucker (it’s the big orange thingie in images below! (fall weekends only) Shoot fruit out of six Bunker Hill Cannons - Pounce on the Pumpkin Moonwalk (fall weekends only)
4180 West Stony Lake Road, New Era, Michigan, 49446

Corn Mazes

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The magical petting farm at Lewis’ Farm Market was the vision of Cindy Lewis — animal lover extraordinaire! One older orchard area transitioned from trees to barnyards and is now home to a fantastic collection of unusual animals and birds! It’s squeaky clean and lots of fun for “kids” of all ages! Jeffrey is a Star Attraction! He’s a dromedary (or Arabian) camel that we've raised from a baby. Dromedary camels have only one hump, very bushy eyebrows, and two rows of really long eyelashes to protect their eyes from sandstorms in their native habitat. Camel hair is a highly regarded source material for woven goods (as in, camels hair coats) and their dung may be used as fertilizer and fuel. ••••Do you know the sound a camel makes? Come visit Jeffry and find out! We have Zebus?! No, we did not misspell ‘zebra’ — we really meant zebu! They are a type of cattle originating in India, distinguished by a hump on their shoulders and dropping ears. Our zebus are a blend of gray and brown. They have sweet personalities and love to have their soft noses petted. You can purchase bags of food to share with the zebus. Just look at that pretty face! Do you know what zebus eat? Come visit and we’ll show you! Llamas and Alpacas — which is which? Originally bred as pack animals, llamas (on the left) are very social and live in herds. Their fur is collected for spinning and weaving — it’s so soft! Alpacas resemble llamas, but are somewhat smaller. They are not used as beasts of burden, but bred especially for fiber. Alpaca makes great blankets, sweaters and more! Can you tell the difference between them? We know how! Meet our Fallow Deer! Our small herd includes bucks and does of this species which is native to western Eurasia. They are smaller than most deer in the United States, and their antlers have a very unique shape. Their pretty coats are spotted all year long. Do you know how they got their name? We’ll tell you! And there are more … We have a lively herd of goats that entertain farm visitors at the Goat Walk and also by appearing on a barn balcony. They are a great favorite of farm visitors. See also, miniature horses and donkeys, pheasants, peacocks, ducks, emus, wallabies … and kitty cats! - Lewis’ Farm Market is located 25 miles north of Muskegon, or 25 miles south of Ludington, on U.S. 31, only 1/4 mile east of the New Era exit (Exit 140) at route M-20, also called Stony Lake Road. If you think of Michigan as being shaped like a great warm mitten reaching into the lakes, we are located at the knuckle of the little finger. Farm address: 4180 West M-20 (also called Stony Lake Road), New Era, Michigan 49446 GPS: Longitude 43.3330 Lattitude -86.2257 We’re open May through November 2, 2014; please call for hours. We open Thursday, May 8, 2014 for the season. Watch our Facebook page for great contests, upcoming events and specials!


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4180 West Stony Lake Road, New Era, Michigan, 49446
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