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The History of Johnson's Farm Named Sussex County Farm Bureau “Farm Family of the Year,” the Henry C. Johnson family has a farming heritage that extends across seven generations. In the mid-1800s, Henry C. Johnson Jr.’s great-great grandfather, whose name he bears, began farming in the Selbyville area on 40 acres. Hogs and chickens have been part of the operation for as long as Henry C. Johnson III can remember. He became a partner with his father in 1952. The broiler operation was expanded in 1928, and although the broiler houses were at one time converted to a laying hen house, they went back to broilers until October 2006. Hogs were raised in open-air lots until the family moved toward confinement in the 1960s. New farrowing and nursery facilities were constructed and in 1966, one chicken house was converted for hogs. Today the farming operation consists of 750 acres, 300 of which is under irrigation; a farrow-to-finish hog operation that includes marketing 3,500 hogs per year to Hatfield; and a produce market. In addition to corn and soybeans for grain, the family raises 30 acres of sweet corn, 15 acres of you-pick pumpkins and 12 acres of vegetables they sell at the produce market. Johnson’s Country Market, established in 2000, has expanded each year and is now open mid-April through Christmas. In addition to produce, the family sells spring bedding plants, mums and fall accessories. Corn and other mazes are part of fall fun for families, schools and groups. During the holidays, there are fresh local turkeys, pies, Hatfield hams, Christmas wreaths and trees and more. Henry III and Marylou have been married 49 years. Their only daughter, Arlene Callahan, is married and lives in Pennsylvania. Their three sons have remained on the farm. Henry Clay Johnson IV and his wife Wanda have three children. Glenn P. Johnson Sr. and his wife Julie also have three children. Keith W. Johnson and his wife Rebecca have two children. The three sons bought half-ownership in the farm in 1990 to continue the partnership with their father. In 1998, Henry III turned the farm over to them entirely. The Johnsons have been active in Farm Bureau for years. Henry Jr. was Sussex County president in 1958 and was a director. Henry III, also a director, helped organize, in 1964, the youth group now known as the Young Farmers and Ranchers. His youngest son, Keith, has been involved in YF&R since 1997 and is now YF&R state chairman. Henry III, recently named Sussex County Fireman of the Year, is a life member of Roxana Volunteer Fire Department, as are Henry IV and Glenn Sr. Marylou is a life member of the Ladies Auxiliary. Henry III is director and Henry IV is secretary of the Delaware Pork Producers Board. Henry III also has served on the Nutrient Management Committee and the Delaware Council of Farm Organizations. He also is chairman of the managers of four tax ditches.
36258 Zion Church Road, Selbyville, Delaware, 19975

Corn Mazes

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36258 Zion Church Road, Selbyville, Delaware, 19975
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