ABOUT "Cox Farm Wichita"
Spookley is the "Official spokes-pumpkin" for National Bullying Prevention Month in October, through a partnership with PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center. Cox Farm is delighted to be partnering with Spookley, PACER and Farms across the country to raise awareness for bullying prevention. Admission Fee $5.00 per person; that's an all day pass. Activities include Finger Fortune Game, Picture Find Game, Word Game, Text Messaging Game,Educational Videos, Corn Box, Sand Box, Hay Jump, Straw Maze, Farm Animals, Picnic Tables, Covered Shelters and many more fun and educational things for all to do, subject to weather. All weekday Corn Maze visitors must be out of the Maze by 7 pm. Our goal at Cox Farm is to make your visit here Safe, Enjoyable and Memorable for all. After your visit, please go to our website. Please let us know how we are doing. Haunted Corn Maze - $10.00 Admission per person The Haunted Corn Maze will run October 18th-19th and October 25th-26th. Hayrack rides to and from the Haunted Maze start at sundown. Last Ticket will be sold at 11PM. Hosted by Campus High School Senior class and their families for Project Graduation. If you would like to inquire about the benefits of volunteering at Cox Farm during the fall season for you or a group please contact Angie Burke via email or phone: coxfarm@cox.net 316-993-6675
6059 South Seneca Street, Wichita, Kansas, 67217

Corn Mazes

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The Straw Maze is located right inside our play area. This is just a really fun maze that is made for the kids to jump and crawl through. Complete with a Big 'O Slide right in it's heart, this maze is hours of entertainment. No Pumpkin Patch visit is the same without hitching a ride on the hayrack. Our loading station for the John Deere tractor Departure Station also doubles as a stage for live music. The Hayrack ride takes everyone to and from the pumpkin patch and tours the Farm so you get a great view of all there is to engage in your family with on your visit to our farm. The Hayrack ride can also accommodate large groups for fun events. We Have the Largest Pumpkin Patch in Wichita this year. Wait till you see what we have done! I mean its Huge! This year you will be pickin 'em straight off the vine. We have a vast variety of pumpkin sizes to choose from. All the way from small sizes the kids can carry to great big ones that dad might have to carry for you. We will post more pictures of the pumpkin patch after it has grown a little more. All of us here at Cox Farm are very excited and anxious for another great fall to share with you and your families.


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6059 South Seneca Street, Wichita, Kansas, 67217
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