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Located near the southwest suburb of Midlothian is the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, an island of trees and shadows nestled in the urban sprawl of the Chicago area. The rambling refuge creates an illusion that it is secluded from the crowded city that threatens its borders, and perhaps it is. On the edge of the forest is a small graveyard that many believe may be the most haunted place in the regio... [Read more]

Southside of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 60445, .
(708) 978-1234
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The beginnings of Greenwood Cemetery are a mystery. There is no record to say when the first burials took place on the land that would later be called "Greenwood". The cemetery is the oldest burial ground still in existence in the city today but as the reader just discovered in the preceding pages, it was not the first. The Native Americans of the Illiniwek Confederation were the first to sett... [Read more]

640 South Main Street, Canton, Illinois 61520, United States.
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The main story associated with the hospital concerns the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of one of the patients, A. Bookbinder. Dr. Zeller assigned Bookbinder to the hospital’s burial corps, and he performed his job admirably. Old Book, as he was sometimes called, mourned the passing of each and every person he helped inter in the cemetery. When Bookbinder died, Dr. Zeller wrote that f... [Read more]

530 Northeast Glen Oak Avenue, Peoria, Illinois 61637, United States.
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HISTORY: The story of this Historic Hotel and Bath House has many ups and downs, but always manages to land on the foundation of human determination and ingenuity to keep going for over 100 years! While people today enjoy their stay at this lovely piece of Americana, a number of entities also reside here; some the result of tragedy, suicide or perhaps they love this place and want to keep an ey... [Read more]

506 North Hanover Street, Okawville, Illinois 62271, United States.
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About Our Tours Chicago Hauntings offers fully narrated, historically based ghost and paranormal tours to haunted spots throughout Chicago - some of our most common stops include murder sites, disaster sites, a serial killer's body dump, gang sites, haunted houses, and abandoned graveyards. Passengers get off the bus to look for ghosts several times per tour - and sometimes they find them! See ... [Read more]

Clark and Ohio, Chicago, Illinois 60618, United States.
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The historic Hotel Baker is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been in and out of business since 1928. In 1926, Col. Baker envisioned a hotel which was luxurious and which would give people an escape or relaxation. The hotel was built on the site of an old mill which was destroyed by fire in 1991. The hotel was built with an operating hydroelectric facility, a modern phone ... [Read more]

100 West Main Street, St. Charles, Illinois 60174, United States.
(630) 584-2100
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Located in central Illinois, the historic Inn at 835 is said to be haunted by its founder, Bell Miller - so enchanted with her inn that she never wanted to leave...even in death. It was designed during the Arts & Crafts movement by architect George Helmle and completed in 1909. However to this day, there are guests and staff employees who still seem to spot Ms. Miller lingering around her "home."... [Read more]

835 South 2nd Street, Springfield, Illinois 62704, United States.
(217) 523-4466
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After the bloody killing of 7 of the Moran gang, the garage became an unofficial memorial, and the brick wall where the 7 were executed was riddled with machine gun bullets. It became a popular tourist attraction for a time. Twenty years later, In 1949, the front half of the garage was converted into an antique furniture storage business by people new to Chicago and didn't know what had happene... [Read more]

2212 North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois 60614, United States.
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The Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago was originally constructed in 1893. It was originally called the Auditorium Annex and it opened just in time for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago and thousands of people thronged to visit the hotel. R.H. Southgate was the hotel’s developer but the first section of the hotel was designed by Clinton Warren. Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler served as con... [Read more]

520 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60605, United States.
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Go deep underground where NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM inside the Lemp Haunted House. The Lemp Haunted House is the scariest REAL haunted house in America in real caves and caverns. Go deep underground in real caves deep under the old Lemp Brewery where real evil lurks. Located in downtown St Louis Missouri. This is one of the most HAUNTED REAL Attractions in America. You go deep underground belo... [Read more]

3500 Lemp Avenue , St. Louis, Missouri 63118, united states.
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