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Blue Orb Savannah Ghost Tours has the best ghost tours in Savannah, Georgia. Besides our reviews, word of mouth referrals and media reputation, Blue Orb was the winner in the Best Of Savannah category for Savannah Ghost Tours by The Destination Guide. We offer 3 unique Savannah ghost walks of haunted Savannah- The Modern Hauntings Tour (18 and Older), The Uncensored Zombies Tour (18 and Older) and the City of the Dead Tour (All Ages). Whatever your tastes, Blue Orb Savannah Ghost Tours can accommodate your needs conveniently and securely online or speak with a live agent by calling 912-665-4258 Blue Orb Savannah Ghost Tours was founded in 2010 by Tobias McGriff and has been a premium adult Savannah pleasure ever since. If you need a little more convincing before booking we encourage you to watch the Guests Testimonial Video, do your research and ask around. You will find that Blue Orb is consistently trusted by the most prestigious Inns and hotels in Savannah, Georgia for our unparalleled customer service, the original research that goes into every Blue Orb Tour, and our uncensored delivery in the style of classic storytelling.
301 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Savannah, Georgia, 31401
(912) 665-4258

Ghost Tours

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Time: 10PM|Cost: $30 | Duration: 2 Hours | Chippewa Square | Adults 18+ Only Blue Orbs original ghost tour and the first ghost tour in Savannah, Ga. to cater to adults only. Focuses on both the Colonial views of haunted Savannah as well as the spiritual viewpoints of the large Conjuring (Hoodoo, Voodoo) communities we have in Savannah, Georgia. We wrote the book (literally) on hags, shadow people and conjuring in Savannah, Georgia and this ghost tour is heavily based on that book; Savannah Shadows Modern Hauntings Tour - NEW! Time: 10pm | Cost: $30 | Duration: 2 Hours | Chippewa Square | Adults 18+ Only Blue Orb's newest ghost tour that focuses on classic history with uncensored modern tales of hauntings in Savannah, Georgia Explores haunted Savannah through the eyes of present day residents encountering inhabitants from Savannah’s past. All modern stories are from Blue Orb’s original research. You may eventually start hearing them on other Savannah Ghost Tours, but they started with us. City of the Dead Tour - Good for MOST ages Time: 9pm- July 3rd and 5th we will also offer a 7pm tour in addition to our regular 9 pm tour | Cost: $20 | Duration: 90 Minutes | Chippewa Square | All Ages A slightly shorter, concise family friendly ghost tour that is good for most ages. Blue Orb’s classic walking ghost tour for exploring haunted Savannah - the city built on its dead. Don’t let the ‘family friendly ghost tour’ fool you. This ghost tour doesn't spare any of the creepiness and though anyone is welcome to join us, parental discretion is advised. We have made many children (and a few adults) cry on this ghost tour when we tell the tales of live burials, yellow fever epidemics and shadow people sightings. - Where Do The Blue Orb Savannah Ghost Tours Meet? Our Uncensored Zombies Tour, City of the Dead Tour and Modern Hauntings Tour meet and begin in the CENTER of Chippewa Square next to the Savannah Theater. Parking is free on the street after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.


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301 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Savannah, Georgia, 31401
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