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While Lawrenceville is the oldest city in the Atlanta metro area, for many years it was a sleepy suburban Southern town. With the growth and development of the metro area, at the turn of the century much of historic downtown was renovated. These renovations awakened the sleeping ghosts, and sparked increased reports of paranormal activity, thus setting the stage for Lawrenceville, GA Ghost Tours.... [Read more]

128 East Pike Street, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045, United States.
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The Partridge Inn was first built back in 1836 as a private residence. It wasn’t until 1892 when the Partridge was purchased by Morris Partridge, that is was converted in to a hotel. During 1892 – 1930, Morris Partridge’s hotel became a popular destination for people visiting Augusta, the South’s premier winter resort destination. He developed a reputation as being a gracious and charismatic host... [Read more]

2110 Walton Way, Augusta, Georgia 30904, United States.
(706) 737-8888
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Blue Orb Savannah Ghost Tours has the best ghost tours in Savannah, Georgia. Besides our reviews, word of mouth referrals and media reputation, Blue Orb was the winner in the Best Of Savannah category for Savannah Ghost Tours by The Destination Guide. We offer 3 unique Savannah ghost walks of haunted Savannah- The Modern Hauntings Tour (18 and Older), The Uncensored Zombies Tour (18 and Older) and... [Read more]

301 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Savannah, Georgia 31401, United States.
(912) 665-4258
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The Marshall House was constructed in 1851 and it was named after Mary Marshall, who thought that the city was badly in need of accommodations for visitors. It is Savannah’s oldest hotel. During the past, it has served as a hospital and boarding house. Although the hotel has been through extensive renovations and expansions, it has retained many of its original fixtures. When you check in the hot... [Read more]

123 East Broughton Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401, United States.
(912) 644-7896
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Strangeness permeates Savannah; strangeness that may date back to its settlement and even perhaps before to the time when the coast was inhabited by Indians and pirates and a few Spanish missionaries. History hung in that limbo for a century with the British to the north and Spanish to the south engaged in a somewhat lackadaisical struggle for supremacy till General James Oglethorpe came with his ... [Read more]

Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401, United States.
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Tara Ryan has encountered paranormal activity in all of Savannah's most haunted locations. She has been featured on a variety of paranormal TV shows like Ghost Hunters International and My Ghost Story. Check out her blog to read more of her scary and spooky encounters with the unknown!

21 E. McDonough St, Savannah, Georgia 31401, USA.
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HISTORY OF MANIFESTATIONS: Annie Kehoe and William loved their house, a place where they raised their large family, enjoying a lifetime of fond memories. William had his own study, up in the rafters in the room with the cupola, where it was quiet and peaceful, his special place to meditate and read. The Kehoe's master bedroom was on the second floor, while the children stayed and played i... [Read more]

123 Habersham Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401, United States.
(912) 232-1020
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HISTORY OF MANIFESTATIONS: The entity of Anne Powell... There are several versions about the circumstances leading up to Anne Powell's suicide. One story reports that a young woman, 16 year old Anne Powell, was unhappily married to an Englishman, who despite his faults as a husband, did build the large home for her. Anne fell in love with a German sailor who used her but didn't love her. ... [Read more]

306 East President Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401, United States.
(912) 236-7122
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Can you deal with the real? Haunt Analyst – GA Ghost Hunters, one of Georgia’s oldest and continuously operating paranormal research groups, brings you the 10 year anniversary of Haunt Tour. We don’t take you on a meaningless walking or driving tour and tell ghost stories. We take you to actual hotbeds of paranormal activity that we have researched for years! You get the chance to assume the role ... [Read more]

259 Head St., Zebulon, Georgia 30295, USA.
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912-328-6956 Savannah Terrors Ghost Tours transports you back in time for authentic accounts of the ghosts lurking through the hallowed streets of Savannah.

127 Abercorn Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401, USA.
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