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Find the scariest REAL HAUNTED HOUSES in Indiana including haunts in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Gary, Bloomington, Lafayette, Indiana. Hauntworld helps you find supernatural happenings across the state of Indiana especially attractions that allow people to find ghosts, investigate, and go on ghost hunts. Indiana features some of the scariest real haunted houses, graveyards, hotels, prisons, abandoned buildings, and scary attractions.
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We give Ghost Walks and Ghost Bus Tours in Central Indiana and beyond. We also have investigation occasionally that we offer for groups as a fundraiser. We publish books about the Ghost Stories we have collected!

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Westfield, Indiana, 46074

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Our ghost walks and bus tours are 99% of the time conducted by Nicole and/or Michael Kobrowski, founders and owners of, Inc - Historic Indiana Ghost Walks & Tours. On very rare occasion we have a friend of ours who has had experience with the paranormal as well as theater guide a tour, but that more of a once or twice a year thing. You get authentic information about real ghost stories and also history with us, directly from the persons who have researched and experienced it. We do not do any dowsing rod investigations in the middle of a ghost tour with 10 or 35 people either. Who would do something like that?, Inc. is dedicated to bringing information about ghosts to the public. It is our goal to promote ghost research as a source of folklore and also as viable scientific area of study. We invite you to have a look at our ever growing site and we welcome your comments., Inc. was created with paranormal enthusiasts in mind and strives to make the paranormal market more mainstream. While some of our titles still contain a regional element, our books are well researched and backed up with documentation to provide the reader with tools, information and entertainment. We welcome your comments!


SCHEDULED TOURS Due to the increasing popularity of our walks and tours, we require reservations for our events. We normally limit the sizes of our professional walking tour groups to 25-35 people depending on the tour to be sure to provide the best tour experience. Reservations can be done online, via email or by calling 317-840-6456. Prices: Walking tours are $18 per person unless otherwise noted. Seniors (aged 65+) are $13. Children 11 and younger are $13. Children under 3 are free. Recommended for children 6 and up. Please note: NO PHYSICAL TICKET WILL BE SENT TO YOU. You don't need to print out a copy of the receipt except if you purchase a reservation 1 hours or less before the tours starts. Please visit our website for links and more information for purchasing your tickets. PRIVATE TOURS Please contact us if you like to schedule a private tour on a date you don't see on our list. We can accommodate your requests for group tours or private tours on most evenings. August-October group/private tours should be scheduled at least 2 months ahead of the desired date due to the increased demand.

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