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HISTORY OF MANIFESTATIONS: In the early years of the hospital, 1848-1894, the treatment of mental illness was in its infancy. Many of the drugs used today to help patients control their symptoms weren't invented yet. So it isn't surprising that the use of restraint was heavily relied on for patients prone to violence. However, the conditions where the most difficult patients, like the violent, ... [Read more]

2800 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46222, United States.
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Visit real haunted sites from restless hitch hikers to ruthless gangsters to crime scenes, murder, mystery, myths and urban legends. The amazing events of Northwest Indiana history have left traces of themselves for us to explore. On the fringes of Chicago, Northwest Indiana has a rich history and many areas easy to visit. There are many areas that are commonly visited by ghost hunters which d... [Read more]

PO Box 801, Schereville, Indiana 46375 , usa.
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An unnatural effect known by locals. You think you're going downhill, but your car has other ideas. Roll uphill at your own risk! "My friend and I just got back from the hill. We put our car in neutral, heading away from Hwy 42 at the smaller hill. We didn't realize for a minute we were being pulled backward, up the small hill. Then we turned the car around to face Hwy 42. We were pulled up the... [Read more]

Keller Hill Road, Mooresville, Indiana 46158, United States.
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The town of Story was founded as a logging community in 1851. During its heyday, the town of Story was the largest settlement in the area. It had two general stores, a schoolhouse, a slaughterhouse, a saw mill, a post office, a blacksmith forge and a nondenominational church. However, during the Great Depression people left to go somewhere else. No new construction followed after the Great Depres... [Read more]

6404 South State Road 135, Nashville, Indiana 47448, United States.
(812) 988-2273
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HISTORY: Alexander Hannah lived a peaceful life here with his wife. There were two instances of tragedy that happened in the mansion. 1) Before the Civil War, the mansion was part of the underground railroad that ran through Indiana. Hannah hid runaway slaves in the mansion's basement, until they could be moved to the next underground spot. One night, a lantern was accidentally knocked over,... [Read more]

3801 East Madison Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46227, United States.
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This ominous-looking, old jail building, badly in need of TLC, looks the part of a creepy, haunted place, as it radiates an unmistakable aura which is hard not to feel, even to this un-psychic writer! Designed by J.C. Johnson, known for his Indiana jail designs, this once lovely, 3 story brick building has been described as displaying "the highly ornamented Second Empire style of architecture, ... [Read more]

611 East Market Street, Columbia City, Indiana 46725, United States.
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Our ghost walks and bus tours are 99% of the time conducted by Nicole and/or Michael Kobrowski, founders and owners of, Inc - Historic Indiana Ghost Walks & Tours. On very rare occasion we have a friend of ours who has had experience with the paranormal as well as theater guide a tour, but that more of a once or twice a year thing. You get authentic information about real ghost sto... [Read more]

PO Box 687, Westfield, Indiana 46074, United States.
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Go deep underground where NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM inside the Lemp Haunted House. The Lemp Haunted House is the scariest REAL haunted house in America in real caves and caverns. Go deep underground in real caves deep under the old Lemp Brewery where real evil lurks. Located in downtown St Louis Missouri. This is one of the most HAUNTED REAL Attractions in America. You go deep underground belo... [Read more]

3500 Lemp Avenue , St. Louis, Missouri 63118, united states.
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