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Main Street St Charles seems to have more than its share of mysterious manifestations. Prepare to visit some of the places reporting ghostly activity. Just glimpsed glows, unexplained noises, and flitting shadows at the edge of vision. Lights, sights, sounds and even ghostly smells. Will you glimpse a roaming spirit that was a victim of tragic death? Will you be grabbed from behind by a soul from the “lost” graveyard? Ghosts, history, and local legends, our tours capture it all.
Main Street, St. Charles, Missouri, 63301

Ghost Tours

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Here are a few of the ghosts and manifestations known to inhabit Main Street St Charles However, Every tour is different.....The departed are not always reliable. The Lost Graveyard The cemetery Headstones were moved in 1853, but the bodies were left behind. The lady in white The young mother buried in her wedding dress… The original Borromeo church The cemetery Headstones were moved in 1853, but the bodies were left behind. The Lost Graveyard The building that will not rest in peace. Whos been sleeping in my bed The outline of a body on the mattress, keeping the bed warm - for you perhaps. The witch's house Did a coven once live in the Tricot house? Are their relentless, restless spirits still there? - St Charles Ghost tours fill very quickly. There are only a limited number of spaces available. Tours are scheduled for Friday and Saturday at 7:00p, 9:30p and sometimes (if there is enough demand) at Midnight. Call 314-374-6102 To Reserve your place now! Reservations are Required! Adults: $20.00 Cancelation Policy Special tours, on other days, can always be arranged for Groups of 6 or more. Participants are encouraged to bring cameras, tape recorders and video recorders. You may go home with actual documentation of spirit activity! St Charles Ghost Tours PO Box 1872 St Charles MO 63302 314-374-6102 eMail: info@stcharlesghosts.com Due to the nature of this experience, it is recommended for people 14 years and older. No Strollers or carried children permitted, The streets are uneven and it is dark.


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Main Street, St. Charles, Missouri, 63301
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