ABOUT "Royal Hope Haunted Hospital"
With its dull grievous lost frequented history, Royal Hope Hospital still frequents St. Augustines’ Florida guests and natives at the notable St. Augustine Hospital Haunted Museums. Despite the fact that the building is not the original one it is perhaps considerably spookier than anybody is mindful of! Guests to the Spanish Military Hospital Museum frequently have had encountered odd events and have had a hefty portion of a genuine apparition sightings. Frequently told stories of the real ill beds moving over the room and catching their legs, beverage jars sliding cross over outside seats and the frequenting sound of marching feet in an unfilled upstairs region. Numerous have said that they have frequently inhaled sulfur from apparition gun discharge. Also the qualities of groans and shouts frequently fill the numerous unoccupied rooms. Paranormal masters from United States claimed that this is a true breeding groud of haunted Florida soul and paranormal movement, most specialists concur that these sorts haunting’s has a tendency to happen in these zones where human feeling and emotion is or was focused all the time. From the first structures, most punctual written history, the doctor’s facility would have bound, worked on, fixed and arranged many dead or biting the dust from a few wars, including the Seminole Wars, and the Civil War. Amputations were a typical practice of the time. Found close to the Spanish Quarter Village in Old St. Augustine, the Military clinic had the first name Our Lady of Guadalupe. The genuine haunted building that stands today is not the first, it is a copy of the original structure which remained on this same site from 1784-1821. Extremely abnormal revelations were made when the St. Augustine’s’ city Officials chose to upgrade its disintegrating broken down underground waterlines. Critical late spooky apparition experiences have spotted and recorded, clear discernable Evp’s, Ghost Photos and some have seen abnormal paranormal phenomena as really seeing objects move and shake for no reason. A few guests have reported being touched and scratched by unseen hands, scratches showing up on their confronts stomachs and backs, which frequently have shaped decipherable words as ( help, and words in Spanish), and development of substantial quaint little inns protests regularly shake and float a couple of inches. Spheres and ectoplasm have been captured in or close to the territory of the building. Some late apparition stories, sightings and experiences at The Haunted Hospital Museum Tour incorporates these reported events all the time a lot of people more and comparable happen in these particular rooms. Mourning Room Where the priest’s tools for blessing of dead is placed and taken care of. Visitors admitted that they heard moaning, voices in small voice as if reciting a prayer, and also they get the feeling of strong despair and grief. Surgeon’s Office View the apparatuses of the exchange and discover what practices are still utilized today. In this room numerous unusual sounds and objects appear to move or shake is what is most regularly reported. Psychic Mickey of Miami Said after going by this room she could really feel a man sticking to her garments. “He would not let go of me .” She expressed. “Finally I broke tight ghost hand grip by moving fast out of the room, and he was gone.” The Ward Strict regulations managed by the Government of Spain characterized restorative mind in the Royal Hospital. This is the room where a large number of the couches appear to bounce out and knock guests in the shins. Michael Franco, and Christine Perez recount seeing a phantom move past them quick the stop take a gander at them and simply vanish before their exceptional eyes. THE APOTHECARY The Apothecary was the main staff parts permitted to administer pharmaceuticals. Frequently in this room numerous have reported seeing shadows move peculiarly over the dividers and the sound of a crying man. Paula Hill says that she was exceptionally smooth then abruptly something or somebody embraced her with undetectable arms. “I felt it I know it was real, no one can tell me it did not happen to me!” Placed close to the Spanish Quarter Village, the Spanish Military Museum was once known as the Hospital of our Lady of Guadalupe. The clinic was dynamic throughout the Spanish Colonial Period from 1784 to 1821. Today, it shows medicinal devices and other data in regards to clinics from that period of time.
3 Aviles Street, St. Augustine, Florida, 32084
(904) 827-0807

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Open daily from 10:00 - 5:00 Admission: $ 3.50 for adults (13 & over), $1.50 for children 6 to 12.


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3 Aviles Street, St. Augustine, Florida, 32084
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