ABOUT "The Sagamore Hotel"
Sagamore Hotel’s history started in the late 1800s when hotel operator Myron O. Brown wanted to build an exclusive resort community in Lake George. With help from four millionaires from the Philadelphia area, they purchased the Green Island to build their dream hotel. The resort opened in 1882 but it was badly damaged by fire in 1893 and in 1914. The hotel was reconstructed and reopened in 1930. Throughout its existence, The Sagamore Hotel has been a haven for wealthy tourists, as well as residents of Millionaires Row. However, shortly before 1981, the hotel fell into disrepair and closed down. It was purchased by Norman Wolgin and restored. The Sagamore is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Sagamore Hotel is located on the very beautiful Lake George. The Trillium is the hotel’s fine dining restaurant and it gets repeat visits from a couple who were among the hotel’s first guests. The ghostly couple is said to descend from the second floor and take a seat in the restaurant reception room before disappearing. Mrs. Brown’s is also another dining place in the resort which is frequented by the ghost of a tall woman with flowing sandy blonde hair wearing an all white dress. It is said that the woman spoke to one of the staff, walked through him and disappeared. The cook quit and never came back. One of the hotel’s employees is reported to have stepped into an empty elevator and bumped into someone who was not visible at all. A portly man then suddenly materialized and he has been called Walter by employees. Golfers of the hotel have also reported seeing the spirit of a little boy from the early 1950s. This boy was believed to have chased errant balls during his time. He sold the errant balls he found for some money. It is believed that he was hit by a car by chasing one of the balls.
110 Sagamore Road, Bolton, New York, 12814

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110 Sagamore Road, Bolton, New York, 12814
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