ABOUT "Queen's Hotel "
HISTORY OF MANIFESTATIONS: Places where a lot of turmoil and unhappiness have taken place, as well as places which have brought happiness tend to attract hauntings. Taverns, hotels, brothels and gambling joints are such places. Check out some other examples on our web-site: (The James Hotel in NM, White Eagle in OR, Harvard Exit Theater in WA - to name a few.) MANIFESTATIONS: On the third floor, the entity of a young prostitute haunts the rooms. The strong aroma of perfume waifs throughout the third floor rooms at times. Cold spots are felt by the living. Objects and furniture seem to move by themselves. Her entity gives little bumps/pushes women as it passes them in the hallways; guests she feels jealous of. For chuckles, she also bumps into the beds. STILL HAUNTED? Yes indeed! No one knows why this entity haunts this upscale Victorian bed and breakfast, but witnesses to her antics know she is haunting the third floor.
601 Columbia Avenue, Cape May, New Jersey, 08204

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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601 Columbia Avenue, Cape May, New Jersey, 08204
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