ABOUT "Madrona Manor"
John Alexander Paxtron, a rich, California state legislator, built this grand Victorian mansion, Madrona Manor, in 1880, for his wife, Hannah, and their two sons, Blitz and Charles, to be their family home. He also planted vines in his winery, which still produce award-winning wine to this day. HISTORY: After John died seven years later, Hannah, the story is told, kept his body in a lead-lined glass coffin in the mansion, until she herself died in 1902. Their sons inherited the Manor. Charles killed himself there, after his wife ran away with another man. After 1913, Madrona Manor was sold many times and had many owners. When it stood vacant in the 1980s, Mr. & Mrs. Muir saw this property for sale, and decided to buy this grand, old mansion and transform it into a long-time dream of theirs, which was to own and run a bed & breakfast inn. MANIFESTATIONS: During the renovation of this old mansion, workmen and carpenters told Mrs. Muir of the eerie feeling of an unseen presence watching them. Since the Madrona Manor has opened, employees also have felt that they were being studied by a presence they couldn't see. Guests have found their belongings in strange, unusual places, much to their annoyance. One guest, who was in Room 101, got quite a surprise, upon awakening during the night, of finding an unexpected visitor, an apparition of a 30 - something woman, wearing a long black dress and had a black ribbon tied around the collar of her dress, standing right next to the bed. She went from the side of the bed, to sit in the blue velvet chair by the window. This visitor disappeared, after the guest asked her what she wanted. After having finished a wonderful dinner, a guest, Mrs. P, looked up and saw one of the French doors, leading to the dining room, open up and an apparition of a small, gray-haired lady, dressed in clothes from the 19th century, came into the dining room. In utter awe and fascination, Mrs. P continued to stare at this elderly lady as she came over to Mrs. P., and stood right beside her. The lady told Mrs. P, "I'm glad you can see me. I feel so bad that no one else can. This was my house once and I like what's been done to it! I'd like to tell someone that. Now, you can tell them." At breakfast one day, a cup turned completely around in a circle on its saucer, fully jolting awake a Madrona Inn guest. STILL HAUNTED? Yes. Mrs. & Mr. M have accepted the apparent fact that they have non-paying, unseen residents in their Madrona Inn. These innkeepers have a peaceful relationship with these ghosts from the past, though, as Mr. & Mrs. M don't bother them, and the ghosts don't bother the living, which has worked out well for all concerned.
1001 Westside Road, Healdsburg, California, 95448
(707) 433-4231

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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1001 Westside Road, Healdsburg, California, 95448
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