ABOUT "Reaper's Mansion Haunted House"
So what is Reaper's Mansion you may ask? Well it's not your typical walkthrough haunted house. It is a completely interactive Haunted House that you and 5 of your companions must figure out how to go through! Is it scary? Well, we will answer your question with another, Does a reaper take Souls for a living? HELL YA its scary, not because we go boo, because you have to either deal with the actors or the haunted house itself to find you way out, when we say we WILL get everybody, we mean it, bring your toughest friends! So whats so different about Reapers Mansion Anyway? NICE TRY - we aint gunna give our secrets away, lets just say there is nothing like this nor has there ever been in Ontario, or even Canada. We are truly unique, original and not to be missed! Beside the differences in the Haunted House itself, how many other haunted attractions offer, food, music, a Live DJ doing the Haunted House Sounds, Games, like ZOmbie PaIntBalL in addition to THE BEST Licensed Halloween after parties from London To Kingston, we guarantee!! Get Discounts on Presale tickets for the Entire Event using Promo Code "REAP01"!! Don't miss the "Killer" After Parties, wait til you see the Lineup! Coming Soon!
386 TAUNTON ROAD EAST, Ajax, Ontario, L1S 1

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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AFTER PARTIES ARE 19+, ID REQUIRED Tickets are $30.00 at the door or $25.00 in advance, use coupon code "reap1" to get the deal on advance ticket sales! ALL THREE SHOWS $60.00!! Crazy Deal! LIMITED CAPACITY DON'T MISS IT, GET YOURS NOW! Thursday October 31st 2013 The Clearing Abandone Heal Hotel Royal Adrian Pain and The Dead Sexy TBA DJ Ace Woogie Friday November 1st 2013 Gibbran TBA TBA Hello Beautiful SmokeD Chip Fu (of the fuschnickens) with Dj Marvin Prince Saturday November 2nd 2013 Acoustica TBA Chach Najjah Calibur TBA
Oct 17th to Nov. 3rd


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386 TAUNTON ROAD EAST, Ajax, Ontario, L1S 1
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