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Ontario is one of the best places to visit in Canada during the month of Halloween. The weather is crisp and nice and there are also plenty of exciting haunted attractions in Ontario that you can visit. The mysterious and rich history of Ontario attracts visitors from all parts of the world on a regular basis and it is easy to see why people love to explore the Ontario haunted houses. In fact, you can visit these haunted locations at any time of the year if you want to experience the horror and spine-tingling sensations that you can find here. Each of the Haunted Houses in Ontario has its own unique story that can totally seem mind boggling to you. Our website can help you to find haunted houses in Ontario.

Learning about some of the most reputable Ontario haunted attractions can help you to plan your itinerary when you visit this part of Canada during the Halloween months. The top Ontario haunted houses can provide you with a distinctly memorable time when you choose to visit these locations. The Creepy Caledonia in Caledonia, Ontario is definitely among one of the most widely visited horror places in Ontario. It has got numerous top attractions that can offer you and your family members with endless haunted fun. Whether you choose to visit ‘The Wastelands’, ‘Maze of Mayhem’ or the ‘Haunted House’, you won’t have any dearth of fun while you are here. The ‘Tunnel of Terror’ and ‘Which Witch is Which’ can keep you completely enthralled throughout the time. Among the latest attractions here, you can definitely check out the ‘Creepy CarnEVIL’ ‘Children of the Corn’ and ‘Stage Fright’. There is also an ‘Activity and Craft Area’ along with a Live Family Entertainment section. You can also explore the ‘Murderous Merchants’, fall food and fun vendors as well as other notable activities.

The Reaper's Mansion Haunted House in Ajax, Ontario is one of the most widely visited Ontario haunted attractions that you can visit when you are here. Compared to some of the other haunted houses that you can find in Ontario, it is not the typical walkthrough scary haunted house. The Reaper's Mansion Haunted House offers an interactive haunting experience where you and your companions get to directly deal with the scary elements as you try to find your way out of this haunted mansion. The reaper loves to collect souls and this means that it can be a harrowing experience for you when you visit the Reaper's Mansion Haunted House. Apart from the scary elements that make Reaper's Mansion Haunted House unique, there are also a lot of other attractions such as great food, music, games such as Zombie Paintball and a live DJ.

If you want to visit a real haunted house in Ontario, then you should definitely check out Haunt Manor Hayrides and Haunted Houses in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It can be best described as a multi-themed unique haunted attraction that has more than 60 actors, pyrotechnics and stunts, a highly adventurous Haunted Hayride that is further filled with numerous special effects, a corn maze with a haunted trail and plenty of other exciting features. There are 6 Haunted Houses that come up with new themes on a yearly basis. Additional attractions here include great live music, nightly illusion shows along with entertainment in Midway.

The Scream Shack in Cold water, Ontario has widely been voted as among the Scariest Haunted House that you can explore when you are in this part of Canada. It has all the classic elements of horror and they also come up with new and unique themes on a yearly basis. If you are keen on finding Ontario haunted houses near you, then you are sure to get entertained when you visit Scream Shack in Coldwater, Ontario. Other notable haunted attractions in Ontario include UNIT 6 Haunted House in Guelph, Ontario and Stayin' Alive 2016 in Burlington, Ontario.



Creepy Caledonia 2011
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The Caledonia Creeper





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