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Trotterville Horror Haunted Attraction Logo Trotterville Horror Haunted Attraction
6187 Poole Road
Archdale, North Carolina, 27263

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Trotterville Horror Haunted Attraction is known for our real ghost stories that linger within our trail. You may not know if it is a spirit you have encountered or one of our 70 live actors. So BEWARE! Our unguided tour will make you SCREAM as you take a horror-filled journey through a mile and a half of the darkest woods. You will experience our bloodcurdling scenes, abandoned barns, and nothing but full on TERROR!
We have 7 Old Tobacco Barns that are full of surprises! About Us Image 1
One of our newest attractions this year is "THE LAST RIDE". For an additional $5.00, you can take a simulation ride in a casket to the grave. Scary, right? Well wait until you get inside and experience it yourself. Once inside the casket, you will be in the dark and lying on your back. You will hear the sound and feel the movement of the morticians loading you in a hearse, riding to the grave site, the gravediggers placing you in the ground, and dirt being thrown upon you. We just hope you get there safely. So "REST IN PEACE".
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We have a huge corn maze that could take you 15 minutes to hours to find your way out!
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