Haunted High The biggest annual fundraiser for the Asheville High School Band Association is Haunted High, when the students turn the high school into a haunted house complete with zombies, ghouls, and the ghosts of students past, doomed to walk the corridors forever searching for their math class…Asheville Haunted High School Forget the corn maze, Asheville’s Haunted High is the local Halloween tradition you won’t want to miss! A spooky fun house for old and young inspired by our favorite B-movies, scary stories, and classic Halloween monsters. Funds raised through the Haunted High and other fundraisers go to support the many bands at Asheville High School, purchasing new instruments, funding scholarships, and transporting students to competitions. This year, the Haunted High takes place over two nights: Friday, October 23 after the football game (10pm until midnight) and Saturday, October 24 (8pm until 11pm). Are you brave enough to walk the halls of this haunted high school after dark? Haunted High Tickets Admission is $10. You can purchase tickets from AHS band students, at the door, or online via PayPal. Advance purchases enjoy “Fast Pass” admission.


419McDowell Street, Asheville, North Carolina, 28803


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419McDowell Street, Asheville, North Carolina, 28803


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