ABOUT "Wicked Woods"
2012 will be our biggest and best year of the Wicked Woods Haunted Attraction in Glen Burnie, Maryland! The Wicked Woods started as a small fundraiser, but has since grown into the must-see Halloween attraction in the area, drawing several thousand people each season. 3 TRAILS! 6 NIGHTS! 1 SPECTACULAR EVENT! Moonlit shadows. Piercing darkness. Unexplained noises. There's nothing creepier than a stroll through a darkened forest. Was that just the wind in the leaves or is there something out there? Wait! What was that?! Look out! RUN!!! Wicked Woods, one of Maryland’s most exciting haunted attractions since 1998, has expanded to put more fright in your night. With two haunted trails and one festive maze for the little ones, there’s something for everyone. Feeling brave? Prove it by making it through Syngaro’s Sinister Circus and Edals Valley Asylum with your wits intact. Not quite ready for the big, scary woods? Enjoy the Wee Kids Maze and dip your toes just inside the treeline. Syngaro’s Sinister Circus has come to town. Setting up a circus right next to Edals Valley Asylum may seem unusual, but you haven’t met the twisted ringmaster Syngaro yet. This circus is filled with more chills than thrills and nothing is what it appears to be. Syngaro, is always looking to add another bizarre attraction to his circus. Will you be his latest addition? Syngaro’s Sinister Circus is recommended for guests over 8 years old. Edals Valley Asylum is the world’s premier institution that deals in fear. Home to the most extreme cases, the line has blurred between doctor and patient and no one is immune! Be prepared to face your fears as you explore the hospital and the surrounding grounds filled with shocking surprises. Edals Valley Asylum is recommended for guests over 8 years old. The Wee Kids Maze is a Halloween-themed path full of twists and turns for our younger guests. This festively-lit, non-scary maze is located at the edge of the woods and children love exploring path over and over as age-appropriate Halloween party music plays throughout. The Wee Kids Maze is recommended for guests ages 8 and younger. Keep October’s chill away with a freshly grilled burger or a hot chocolate from our concession stand. We have a variety of hot and cold drinks, food, snacks and candy for purchase. You can also pick up a great souvenir as a memory of your time at the Wicked Woods. Come explore the Wicked Woods this October for all your haunting excitement!
120 Dorsey Road, Glen Burnie, MD, Delaware, 21061

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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October 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 2012 - 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM

120 Dorsey Road, Glen Burnie, MD, Delaware, 21061
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