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Three Haunted Attractions in ONE location at C. Casola Farms Haunted Hayride of Terror in Camden, New Jersey. The Haunted Barn, The Haunted Hatride of Terror and The Haunte Trail. All three will scare the YELL out of you. Click this profile to see details, directions and information.


131 South Main Street, marlboro, New Jersey, 07746


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NJ Haunted House HIGHLIGHTS: 4 Terrifying Attractions: Take a Haunted Hayride into the back woods of New Jersey. People say they see and hear things that come alive. So maybe if you’re lucky you may see their shadows and hear the horror of the victims cries as they roam by. Are you afraid of things that go bump in the Night? Than come take a ride. Visit our Haunted Barn and walk through as the Haunting images stick in your mind, as creatures cling to the walls with fangs and claws waiting for their next victim to come along. So don’t fall behind, Make sure to stay in line. This is the scariest Haunted Barn on the East Coast you will find. The Haunted Wooded Trail will take you to the depths of New Jersey’s back woods. With each step you take, you will swear you can hear the breathing of creatures surrounding you through out the night. Each step may be your last, so Beware! If you dare to take a walk on our trail. Enter our Living Maze it will put you into a Hellish Haze with all it’s twists and turns. Try to escape it’s deadly grasp for the Living Maze will have the last laugh.
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sept-oct - 7pm-10:30pm


131 South Main Street, marlboro, New Jersey, 07746

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C. Casola Farms
C. Casola Farms

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