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13th Hour - Two Floors of Fear!! Regarded by Halloween enthusiasts as Jerseys most original and innovative haunted attraction, Haunted Scarehouse features two floors of heart-stopping entertainment. Rooms decorated like movie sets, jaw-dropping props, disorienting noises, actors heightening your tension, ratcheting up your fearits all here for your enjoyment. Your night of nonstop shock begins once you set foot on the eerie premises. The lobby, featuring horror memorabilia, TV screens, photo ops, and enticing merchandise, boosts your excitement for the award-winning show. Navigate the darkness, explore two gigantic haunted houses, journey through numerous rooms created by expert set builders, interact with special effects, animated walls, fearfully realistic set pieces and sceneseverything a professional haunted house should be, and much, much more. Inspired by the imaginative genius of pioneer Walt Disney and his theme parks, Scarehouses creative team strives to match Disneys awe-inspiring levels of craftsmanship, detail, and live performance. Come and experience for yourself why Haunted Scarehouse was rated Scariest Haunt in the US by Americas Best Haunted Houses


105West Dewey Avenue, Wharton, New Jersey, 07885


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9.41 out of 10


ABOUT "13th Hour Haunted House"
THE HOUSE OF NIGHTMARES: The fully interactive maze of terror is the largest of its kind in New Jersey. Movie-like props, bone-shuddering special effects, monsters galore haunt every step you take. Crazies inhabit every room, every corridor, every corner. And they don't take kindly to trespassers. You will be punished! Journey through blood-smeared scenes of hideous carnage, creatures attacking from above and below, one shock after another keeping you on edge - a harrowing extravaganza guaranteed to get your heart racing. Yet the show has only just begun. Your evening of chills and thrills is far from over. CLIMB THE CREEPY STAIRCASE. TAKE A DEEP BREATH. ENTER... THE ATTIC: A labyrinthine attraction packed with even more monsters, ghouls, demons, and psychos. The clown room -a fan favorite- sets a terrifying tone, daring visitors to journey farther into the unknown. Stalking visitors as they roam the eerie halls, tormenters lurk everywhere, jumping out from hidden crevices, from anywhere they can get at you. Then come face to face with creatures from popular horror movies, beasts and brutes from your most disturbing nightmares. Go deeper and deeper into the darkness, immersing yourself in an unforgettable Halloween experience. Certain to shatter your nerves are skin-crawling bugs, grotesque corpses, startling noises, mysterious walls, and numerous high-intensity scares. Horrors beyond comprehension, beyond description, await you. Get your tickets now!
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TICKETS: $28 Price includes both attractions: The House of Nightmares & The Attic
Weekends September 29- October 31st - Thursdays are touch nights and Halloween is lights out and touch night


105West Dewey Avenue, Wharton, New Jersey, 07885

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