ABOUT "Night Terrors Michigans Largest Chills & Thrills Park"
MI Haunted House HIGHLIGHTS: We put terror in your face with 6 Great Attractions The Ultimate Haunted Barn, The Minded Shaft, The Asylum, The Labyrinth, Hayride of the Lost, Alien Caged Clowns, plus Scareoke. No Sissys, No Wimps, No Excuses! THE ULTIMATE HAUNTED BARN: Within these walls are the remains of the legend of Wiard's Apple Thieves? As the story goes the thieves were looting the barn when bad fortune fell upon them. A hungry bear, tall as two men, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, wandered into the torch-lit barn. Little did he know he'd found more than fresh apples to satisfy his appetite. Unfortunately for the thieves the bear blocked the only way out so there was no chance of escape. They tried in vain to scare him off, which only drew his attention toward them. The bear made quick work of the 3 thieves with mighty claws and once they were no longer breathing he dragged their bodies atop of a pile of apples. With no Discrimination they were torn limb from limb and soon there was no way to tell shredded flesh from the shredded apples. Once his stomach was full of flesh, and his lips were thick with blood and juice, he turned backed out into the orchard and lumbered into the night. Unfortunately the next day was Sunday and nobody came to work, so by the time they found the bodies in Ypsilanti Township Township, on Monday the stench was. After they piled up the bodies they vowed to never open the doors of that barn again. Some suggested they tear down the barn but it was decided that would be wasteful so they simply sealed the doors. Sometime around Halloween in 1984 the haunted barn was opened again out of necessity, it’s dark history forgotten .The Orchard doesn’t take well to strangers so watch your step. THE ASYLUM: In 1912 Dr. Jeremiah Wiard founded the Wiard’s Asylum in Ypsilanti Township, as an alternative to the cold stark institutions run by the state of Michigan. . In the beginning all was well-- the patients behaved, the staff was friendly and the grounds were well kept. As time went by, things began to change. Many families realized that slightly quirky and senile relatives needed to be released. Many of these patients left soon after, with only the truly sick and demented remaining. The drop in the number of inhabitants meant staff cutbacks resulting in lessened security. During this period Dr. Wiard also began to go through a change. His intense contact with patients began to take its toll as madness slowly overtook him. He was haunted daily by the dismal condition of the patients. Eventually the few remaining workers were frightened away, they fled to Ann Arbor, Saline, Belleville, Plymouth and even to Detroit. Dr. Wiard was left alone to fend for himself and the patients. Since 1953, when the last workers left, no one has set foot in the asylum. The patients and Dr. Wiard disappeared; the building seemed abandoned until recently. Strange lights and cries have been coming from the building. Neighbors have reported pet mutilations and unknown footprints on their lawns. The authorities have yet to respond so nothing is known for sure. Now you must discover the secret of The Asylum! THE LABYRINTH: You're lost in the dark with only the moonlight as your guide! Something is right behind you! Or is it right in front of you? Didn't you already come this way? So hard to tell in the dark... Is that your friend's hand? Where is the rest of him? If you make it out, you're one of the lucky ones, but if your friends aren't so lucky they'll just have to stay! So come and find your way through THE LABYRINTH!! You know your way around Michigan. You can get to Ann Arbor, you can get to Ypsilanti Township but can you get OUT of the haunted Labyrinth at Wiard’s Orchards, Night Terrors???? It’s not a haunted house! It’s not a hayride, it is an awesome scare! ALIEN CAGED CLOWNS: There is a long tradition of wild things being caught and made pets that were never intended to be. Woodchucks, alligators, hawks, bears...but nothing could top this. Back in the 40's a foreign craft silently crashed on the back of the Wiard's property. The then groundskeeper went to investigate when he saw the smoke. In the midst of picking through the wreckage he discovered some odd looking unconscious creatures which he promptly built a steel pen for. The creatures seemed to scare his children so he painted their faces up like clowns to make them see cheerier. Unfortunately when the creatures came to they were anything but friendly. The second day the groundskeeper went in to check on them, they were pretending to sleep, and he was promptly disemboweled and eaten by the creatures. Fearing repercussions for not reporting them in the first place, the Wiards decided to leave them caged and hidden for fear of what might happen if they got loose...be careful when you go in there. They only look funny. You look like dinner to them. THE MINED SHAFT: Long before the Orchard relocated to the current location, there were a number of entrepeneurs who sought to find any untapped resource in Michigan. One such prospector thought California was a long haul and decided to search for precious metals in the Washtenaw County region. The unfortunate thing is that he was a stingy sort and did everything as cheaply as he could. When it came to "protocol" and "proper safety" things like "profit" and "scheduling" won out. There was a bad storm that ripped through and brought with it a flash-flood strength rain. The water roared down the mineshaft knocking out all the poorly built supports. There was no time to warn anyone and the only thing that floated up were a few miner's caps. The shaft took a few weeks to dry out and the stench was phenomenal. Rotting water-logged corpses littered the path down into the earth but the prospector was determined to get his precious metals out. He ventured in with a small crew and a number of carts but never found his fortunes. Halfway down the ceiling caved and crushed half the crew while trapping the rest. They were far enough down that nobody heard their cries until it was too late. So, what about you? Going to try and find the lost fortunes? HAYRIDE OF THE LOST: Many tales have been told about the happenings in the apple trees at Wiard’s Orchards, (Ypsilanti Township, MI, near Ann Arbor) during the long nights near Halloween. But none were so tragic or gruesome as that of Pete Sloakam. Old Pete worked for Mr. Wiard from the start. Pete was a silent, kind soul who loved children and the children loved him. On chilly fall nights Pete was known to take the children on torch lit hayrides, in old wagons, through the orchard. One such night they were making their way through the trees when a wild, almost haunted looking, dog came across their path. The horses got spooked, tipping the torches into the wagon, starting the chaos. All the children leapt out the back and went crashing to the stones below, but old Pete wasn't so lucky. His foot stuck in the stirrup when the horses broke for the woods. When they found him he was hanging like a kite from a tree…swaying with the breeze. Just be careful you don’t meet the same fate as Pete. FREE Cider and Donut with your hayride!
5565 Merritt Rd, Ypsilanti, Michigan, 48197

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5565 Merritt Rd, Ypsilanti, Michigan, 48197
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