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ABOUT "Haunted Tales"
The infamous Haunted Tales of Atlantic City is NOW FOR SALE! This unique attraction is known for being one of the few entertainment destinations targeted for family audiences of all ages, located in the heart of the historic Atlantic City Boardwalk. This business has been an area favorite for many years with clientele drawn from all over the world and is a Gold-Mine for the beginner and experienced business owner! A GREAT OPPORTUNITY for anyone who is serious about owning an establishment with PEAK summer seasons and year-round business. Haunted Tales is priced to sell quickly with over $200,000 invested into it, Selling for JUST $29,000, right in time for the Holiday Season! The business includes the Haunted Tales Theater Attraction, A separate Coffin Ride Simulator located in the store front which can also dual as gift shop if desired. It is a ONE PERSON operation and runs from the click of a button! A Great opportunity for QUICK and EASY cash!! About the Attractions: Greeted by the Grim Reaper at the door, a coffin on hydraulics is used as the first attraction called Buried Alive. Inside the Buried Alive coffin you are staring at the inside of a coffin and listening to a 5 minute story simulation of being buried alive. It include motions, Sounds, Smells and a Story between gravediggers to emulate the genuine feel of actually being buried alive while being inside of a custom made dual-person coffin ride. The main attraction, Haunted Tales, is inspired by the haunted house experience of the 1980's and was created as a Family Friendly attraction for audiences of children and adults at ANY age. It's exactly what the name implies, a spooky attraction that is used to tell "haunted tales". To give Haunted Tales its own unique identity; elements of local area folklore are incorporated into the tales revealed in the show. The Haunted Simulation theater is filled with Victorian-era objects including authentic antiques, antique replicas, old time photos, a piano, bubbling cauldrons and many other haunted house details that took many months to incorporate into an animatronic simulation of a real life haunting. The effects are mostly done with air, as in the old days, and uses visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory effects. There are two stories spanning a total of 15 minutes; one about the Jersey Devil, the other about a local pirate.
1535 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 08232

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Ticket And Price Information
Haunted Tales Theater & Coffin Ride - Adult Ticket: $7.50 | Child Ticket: $6.50 | Coffin Ride: $14.00 per person & 2 persons
Open 7 Days between 12pm - 12am Pending Weather.


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1535 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 08232
Warning: Flashing Lights & Loud Noises.
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