Transworld Announces 2022 Haunt Preshow Tour

Sun, January 23, 2022
READ all the DETAILS about Transworld's Pre-Haunted House Tour 2022. 

Transworld is set to produce a haunted house tour prior to the 2022 Haunted House Tradeshow.  Read all the details below. 

On Wednesday, March 16th, join your fellow HAA Show attendees as they tour 4 of Chicago’s top haunted attractions. You’ll start the day at 6:30 am by embarking from the Embassy Suites Hotel in Rosemont (just north of Chicago, five minutes from O’Hare International Airport) to visit HellsGate Haunted House for a lights on tour complete with coffee & donuts, then head out to Disturbia Haunted House, Massacre Haunted House and Basement of the Dead Haunted House (in that order), all of whom will be doing their full show with actors, just for you! Snacks, lunch and dinner will be provided. After the last haunt, you’ll head to St. Louis; the goal is to be at the America’s Center in St Louis at 10:30 pm Wednesday night.

IMPORTANT: The Windy City Haunt Tour STARTS IN ROSEMONT, IL. It is NOT A ROUND TRIP from St. Louis.

IF YOU ARE FLYING: You will fly to Chicago O’Hare International Airport (just minutes from the host hotel), then fly home from St. Louis. Tour-goers will start in Chicago (Rosemont) and buses will bring them to St. Louis after the tour ends on Wednesday night.

This tour was designed for attendees who wanted to tour haunted attractions before the TransWorld show floor opens on Thursday March 17th. (Please note if you choose to ride the bus you can bring one suitcase for under the bus plus one small carry on.)

Tour-goers who arrive in Rosemont on Tuesday night can enjoy Rosemont’s many entertainment and dining options, all within walking distance of our two host hotels, the Doubletree and Embassy Suites (see below for details).

Tour-goers will be able to pick up their HAA Show badges & wristbands for both the bus tour and the show while at the Embassy Suites on Tuesday, from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm, and on Wednesday from 6:00 am – 6:30 am.

For $395**, you get:

  • Bus transportation from the host hotel to all 4 attractions, then to St. Louis
  • “Sharing, Not Scaring, with Zombie Army in the morning!” Enjoy lights on tours of HellsGate Haunted House with complimentary coffee & donuts; Zombie Army Productions will have knowledgeable staff posted around the attraction to answer your questions.
  • Full show tours of Disturbia Haunted House, Massacre Haunted House & Basement of the Dead Haunted House
  • Snacks, lunch & dinner

Want to drive yourself! No problem! Join the tour for $325** in your own vehicle!

*These attractions have won multiple local and national awards and recognition!

**Early Bird prices go up after March 1st; the bus tour increases to $425, drive-yourself increases to $355


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